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Make it So – Six MMO Ideas More Interesting than Elder Scrolls Online

[Make It So takes a look at our favorite games and suggests additions, subtractions, and areas to improve upon for the sequel or next entry in the series.] The reviews are starting to roll in for The Elder Scrolls Online, and the general consensus so far is that it’s pretty good, which is about what I thought back when I played an early build of it last year. Good on Bethesda for putting out a quality product, and here’s hoping [...]

[LTTP Review] Far Cry 2 – Jumble Fever

If ambition were everything, Far Cry 2 would be one of gaming’s most highly regarded titles. Taking the basic premise from CryTek’s original game, Ubisoft reimagined the idea of Far Cry, but set it in a different kind of tropical setting. Relying less on level and objective-driven gameplay and more on emergent situations, this game strives to bridge the gap between a realistic simulation and a kick-ass action game. It is common knowledge that when a game tries to be [...]

[Featurama] Open Worlds Fun For Just Hanging Out

A week or so ago, I wrote an article about how I think that the current trend of making everything into a huge open world is a mistake, and that games should focus more on giving players more options for completing objectives within a smaller space. I was referring to games like Hitman: Blood Money and Deus Ex: Human Revolution as examples of the kind of direction the industry should be moving in. I guess I should clarify that I’m [...]

[Featurama] Sorted: Fixing the Games We Love

Let’s face it, there’s nothing a game developer loves more than to be told by some guy on the Internet how their game could be improved. Thankfully, that’s where I come in. It’s been said that any movie, book, game, etc. has a soft underbelly — some flaw that at least partially hampers the experience, and makes one wonder what could have been if only they had fixed that one little thing. It’s generally understood that there is no such [...]