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Guest Post: 7 Video Game Characters You Didn’t Know Were Feminist

[Promoted from our Community Manager's inbox, here's another fantastic Guest Writer! This piece comes from community member, Lindsey Weedston. Lindsey has been living and gaming around Seattle, WA for as long as she can remember. Along the way she picked up writing, criticizing people on the Internet, and worshiping at the feet of the Great and Powerful BioWare. She is not affiliated with BioWare in any way. You can email her at, follow her on Twitter, and find her on LinkedIn.] As the video game [...]

[Featurama] Celebrating the Library In Video Games

March 13, 2013 marks the 100th birthday of Edmonton Public Library, which is not not only my hometown’s community hub but my place of employment for the last 10 years. Over the last century, public libraries have undergone incredible changes in terms of actual and virtual spaces, collections, and customer service. I’m proud to say that my library is one of the finest in North America, and that we are on the cutting edge in many ways. One of those [...]

[Featurama] Open Worlds Fun For Just Hanging Out

A week or so ago, I wrote an article about how I think that the current trend of making everything into a huge open world is a mistake, and that games should focus more on giving players more options for completing objectives within a smaller space. I was referring to games like Hitman: Blood Money and Deus Ex: Human Revolution as examples of the kind of direction the industry should be moving in. I guess I should clarify that I’m [...]