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Hipshotdot Gives You IRL Red Dot Sight for FPS Games…Huh?

An interesting product that has been out for a short while already called Hipshotdrop by Airdrop Gaming is available for sale at most major games/electronics retailers. Have you ever wanted to be better at shooting from the hip without having to aim down your sights? Well Hipshotdot does just that for you. Hipshotdot is a USB-powered red dot sight attachment that you literally adjust onto your television and allign with your weapon’s crosshairs. The magic of this accessory is that [...]

Titanfall Review – What is this Masterpiece’s Achilles’ Heel?

Titanfall is easily one of the most anticipated games of the last ten years, and certainly the most anticipated of 2014. Last month, I got to spend a solid amount of time with the Titanfall beta, and while my time with it definitely indicated some irritating flaws, the game still stood out as an excellent example of the kind of quality we expect in games. Today, my goal is to see whether or not the final product lives up to the [...]

Try Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer on Xbox 360/One for Free This Weekend

Activision and Infinity Ward are giving Xbox Live players a chance to try out Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer for free this coming weekend. The “demo” will feature a limited set of maps and modes. Game modes available will include Team Deathmatch, Search and Rescue, and Domination. Additionally, players will be able to check out the cooperative Extinction mode, incase you feel the need to eradicate some alien scum from Earth. If you’re like me and haven’t played Ghosts yet, this is perfect [...]

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – The FPS I’ve Needed

I can’t really remember why I didn’t originally like Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Well, there was definitely the fact that it stopped being able to save progress; that was a bit of a bummer. But that hindrance aside, there was a lot of fun to be had in the pseudo-open-world military sim. Sure, the controls were a little off on the 360 version I was playing, and the enemies’ aim was a bit spookily accurate, and checkpoints regularly wouldn’t process. [...]


Breaking Down FPS Games – Gaming Happens

Welcome back, lovelies. I kept my promise of making an episode this week, ya see that? I’m the best. Anyway, in this Gaming Happens, I’m depreciating FPS games. Really breaking them down; telling you everything I took away from some of the most popular games in the genre. Join me. If you want to see the ART HAUUUUUS episode I mentioned in the video, click here. See you next week!

Zombie Studios’ Daylight Gets Release Date, Spooky Twitch Functionality Revealed

Watching people play horror games via Twitch has become more and more popular in recent years, but Zombie Studios is looking to take that one step further. They are integrating a way for viewers to interact with the player’s game through the chat. Daylight, the procedurally generated psychological thriller has been given a release date of April 8 for PS4 and PC, and will include a new and interesting Twitch functionality. Viewers can type specific text commands in the chat to [...]


Rhythm-Shooter Hybrid Chroma Announced By Harmonix, Alpha Signups Now

The guys who brought you games like Rock Band and Dance Central announced today their newest rhythm based venture. Free-to-play FPS Chroma is a rhythm based shooter was announced today via a snazzy trailer featuring a beautiful soundtrack of dubstep and piano. The game will release exclusively for PC via Steam and will focus entirely on multiplayer, class-based combat. As an aside, your pals here at Twinfinite totally called this almost two years ago, so ‘yay us’. Right along with the announcement came instructions [...]

Battlefield 4 Gets Patch on Xbox One, All Versions Now Relatively Stable

It’s been a rough month for DICE and their release of Battlefield 4. Each platform has experienced most of the same issues, and it’s taken far too long for them to get patched into a playable state for many people. I had nearly given up on playing after disconnection and crashing issues, but now it sounds like each version is patched up to date and most of the major issues have been fixed. Today’s patch focused on a long list of [...]

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