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Story vs. Gameplay? Best Character Class? HD Remakes? – Twinfinite Discusses

Howdy ho, neighborinos! We’re back and you may notice a little change in this episode. Yep, that’s right, we filmed a little bit to the right this time. I know, we just love throwing Easter eggs in there for you all to find. This week, we’re discussing whether games will focus on story or gameplay in the future, which is our favorite character class to play as, and whether companies should revisit old franchises. Welcome to Twinfinite Discusses, the only [...]

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 New Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] Sure, the first entry in the Lords of Shadow series wasn’t the biggest and brightest in the Castlevania franchise, and sure, maybe the 3DS spin-off had more than its fair share of faults, but the third time could be the charm as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is looking to be the end-all to the series’ downturn. The newest trailer above shows some pretty amazing-looking gameplay and almost has a God of War III-esque visual style going on. Included in the video [...]


NBA Live 14 Breaks Silence with New Gameplay Trailer

It had been quite a while since we saw something substantial from the NBA Live 14 team aside from the errant blog post. Today, after a week of rumored delays (with a release date slow to announce) and swirling news about rival NBA 2K14′s Crew mode and its perceived lack of delivery on the “Crew mode is back” promise, NBA Live 14 gets a juicy new trailer. Billed as a “First Look Gameplay Trailer” featuring some 5-on-5 action, this was [...]


Voxel Runner: Video Review

Runner games are coming out much more frequently now that indie and mobile gaming is taking off. It’s hard for any game in that pool to be recognized. They can be dismissed quickly without an appealing look or be viewed as a clone. Voxel Runner will most certainly be put into the latter category for many, but can indie studio Dizzy Pixels create an identity of its own? Watch the video review above to find out!        


E3 – Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party Gameplay Footage

As mentioned in our preview, Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party can make two people get really close.  Get ready to laugh at how much of an idiot I am with our gameplay footage above. Notice how I don’t look at him despite it being okay to do so, and that I raise my arms up immediately after passing the wiimote thinking we had to do another revolution.

[Featurama] Deus Ex Human Revolution Pacifist Guide Part 1

[youtube width="500" height="366"][/youtube] Be it for E-Penis, gamer-score, pride or just the challenge, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has an achievement called Pacifism, completing the game without killing anyone with the exception of the games incredibly difficult bosses. What better way to introduce myself to this beautiful website than to throw up a walk-through of one of my favourite games in recent years? With that said, let’s get started with the first stealth section of the intro sequence.    

[PAX] Epic Games Reveals Fortnite Gameplay Footage

At PAX last night, Epic Games held a panel to show off some insider footage of early Fortnite development and current gameplay footage. As a showcase of Unreal Engine 4, it looks great. But we already knew that. Hit the jump to find out a little bit of what the game will actually be. 

[News] Tokitowa Gets More Gameplay and Screens! Mysterious Blue Thing Appears!

Seriously what is that? I don’t understand what the blue thing is but it both confuses and scares me. Women don’t have blue things! NOT EVEN ANIME WOMEN!!!! *Ahem* Anyways, another trailer for Imageepoch’s 2D/3D hybrid RPG for the PS3, Tokitowa, has been released today. Initially, when I saw the first the gameplay trailer my reaction was tepid. There was just something off about the combat that made the character seem like she was hitting an empty space in front [...]