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Humanizing the Video Games Industry – Gaming Happens

You know what I think video games need more of? Humans. It sounds weird, but bear with me though. There are so many people that are involved in creating these wonderful pieces of art that we enjoy every day and yet we only know how to name the absolutely popular. Even then, that list is tiny. Where are the stories highlighting personal reasons for something that’s in a game? I feel like we only get that these days with indie [...]

[Featurama] Objectify Twinfinite: Beefcake Edition

Some of you may have seen this Men In the Games Industry Tumblr, whose objective is to turn the tables on the pervasive sexism and general creepiness women face every day by making men the object of the camera’s gaze. I jumped onto Windows Movie Maker and decided that it was time for Twinfinite to weigh in on this. Now, it goes without saying that this is a complex and serious issue that requires hard examination into the ways men [...]

[Rant] We Get the Games Industry We Deserve

There’s a great line in Chris Rock’s standup comedy movie Never Scared. In it, he was talking about current rap music and he says, “I love rap music, but I can’t defend it”. That’s kind of how I feel about video games lately.