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Too Cheap – An Opinion on How Value is Underappreciated in Games

Gaming is Cheap. There is an argument that gets brought up when a game development company or producer talks about wanting to limit used game sales. Many arguments can be made about that, but the loudest seems to be that $60 is a lot of money for a brand new game, and they need some way of offsetting that charge through resale. I’m not going to argue against the right of first sale. Property paid for in full should always [...]

[Featurama] Richard Browne Supports Anti-Used Game Systems

  In a recent article for GamesIndustry International, 20-year industry veteran Richard Browne has stated that he would “hope and would actively encourage Microsoft and Sony to embrace [prohibiting used games] and put an end to this”. I would encourage you to read the article first, as his argument is at least interesting, and there is some healthy discussion by members of the industry/community in the comments. To summarize, he gives a number of reasons why the trade of used [...]