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GameStop Partners with St. Jude for Annual Thanks and Giving Campaign!

This morning, GameStop announced that they will be “playing it forward” and partnering with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for their annual St. Jude Thanks and Giving Campaign. Nothing gives me more pride than seeing the gaming community take a step forward for the greater good of children battling disease and illness so early in the life course. In light of the difficulties that occurred this weekend with Extra Life, this is some great news to put a smile on [...]

Gamestop ‘Sold Out’ of PS4 Preorders

Hoping to get your day one PS4 at Gamestop? Unless you already placed a preorder, you may be out of luck. The PS4 is now listed as ‘Out of Stock’ online and is no longer up for preorder in GameStop stores. A statement to GameInformer from GameStop cites high demand for the system as the reason store reservations are being shut down. The hype for Sony’s new console has been pretty fervent so far. Amazon launch day preorders sold out mere [...]


[TSFT] Episode #58: Gamestop the Violence

Well, no new consoles to talk about this week, so we bring it back to the old fashioned TSFT Podcast, the one you know and love. We talk about gruesome Tomb Raider deaths, Assassin’s Creed IV announcement, bash Gamestop, gush over Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4, and much more. We hope you’ll enjoy this week’s episode, and we’ll see you next time. Have a great week! Be sure to stick around after the outro for a full Binding of [...]

[TSFT] Episode #42: WE ARE THE LAW

It’s been a long week, but we’re back with another exciting edition of the TSFT Podcast to satisfy you until next Wednesday. On this week’s loaded cast, we talk about how and where we buy our games, our thoughts on preordering, and the latest news on how much of our property is actually considered ours with new laws being enacted. It’s a good, funny, exciting, tear-jerking, and overall wonderful episode. Enjoy it. We did, won’t you? NOTE: We will be streaming [...]

[Featurama] You Can’t Fix Bad Parenting

The ESRB has been in existence since 1994.  It was created in the wake of a game known as Mortal Kombat releasing on consoles where children could consume them in their homes.  It was set up as a standard of ratings that describes the contents inside of a package for children. I don’t think I have to describe the ratings system to you as I assume a majority of my readership has purchased and looked at the back of a [...]