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Uncharted in Space? Yes, Please – Vlogging About Video Games

Hello beautiful humans, I’m back to vlog about video game stuff for the week. Boy oh boy, it’s never a dull week, is it? Well, last week would have been had it not been for that total save from Facebook. They really took one for the team there. Anyway, let’s vlog about video games. Specifically about how I’m a hype-less robot, Uncharted in space would be dope, and the Tropico 5 devs hate my guts.

Amazon Debuts Their New Gaming Console

Today Amazon has announced their $99 answer to the Apple TV and Roku market. The Amazon Fire TV will be able to stream video content like Hulu Plus as well as play your favorite music, home videos and photos. That is the initial focus of the system in its base model as it only offers a voice activated remote control. For gamers however, the box opens up to something more with the addition of a secondary bluetooth gaming controller priced [...]

World Travel and the Games Back Home

Travel is one of my favorite things to do. Given that I don’t exatly make millions, seeking a job where worldwide excursions would be paid for by a much larger, richer party seemed logical enough. But what I’ve never been able to completely suppress, and it is a prime example of a first-world problem, is the longing for the games back home. It is the lamenting of the time away from the games both new and those on the backlog, [...]

Women in Gaming: The Definitive Discussion

Just barely making the deadline for Women’s History Month, I was feeling a bit inspired to write about the nature of women in gaming. Many of us are aware of the “boys-only” attitude of the industry and we all say that there should be more women in gaming, but do we actually mean it? Do we do anything about it? A complicated subject such as this deserves more than a quick word or two. That’s why this discussion will be [...]


Story vs. Gameplay? Best Character Class? HD Remakes? – Twinfinite Discusses

Howdy ho, neighborinos! We’re back and you may notice a little change in this episode. Yep, that’s right, we filmed a little bit to the right this time. I know, we just love throwing Easter eggs in there for you all to find. This week, we’re discussing whether games will focus on story or gameplay in the future, which is our favorite character class to play as, and whether companies should revisit old franchises. Welcome to Twinfinite Discusses, the only [...]

Guest Post: To Live and Game in China

[Promoted from our Managing Editor's inbox, here's another fantastic Guest Writer! This piece comes from community member, Brandon Powell. Brandon is from Kansas and has been living in China for a few years. He writes about video games in China. You can follow Brandon's adventure in China on his Tumblr, follow him on Twitter, or add him on Facebook] Living in China for the past few years has given me a unique opportunity to experience a lot of interesting things. I have met [...]


Documentary on Game Jams, Super Game Jam, Coming Next Month

A new documentary series from Devolver Digital, Bram Ruiter, and Daniel Oliveira Carneiro called Super Game Jam will be hitting Steam next month. Filmed over the course of “six months and in five different cities,” Super Game Jam will feature random pairings of indie developers working for 48 hours on a game with a theme chosen by their peers. Sounds pretty sweet, if you ask me. I’ve always thought the amazing creations that come from just 48 hours were great accomplishments for [...]

Action RPG TinyKeep Announced

Digital Tribe Games and Phigames announced today that TinyKeep will be their next game hitting Steam and “other major digital distribution channels this September.” TinyKeep features a main character that’s suddenly released from their cell deep within a dungeon with only a lantern and a letter. With no clue who just saved their ass, they must escape the dungeon. (At this point, I’d personally forget about finding whoever helped me and just get the hell out.) Phigames says that what [...]


We Suck At Dungeon Defenders

We hadn’t sucked at a video game in too long. This week, however, I’m back with Andy and Henry to play some Dungeon Defenders. We’re defending dungeons, or some shit. Watch our adventures unfold as we discuss really hot topics in video games. Kidding, what do you think this is, Twinfinite Loop?

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