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Why I Love: Reus

Another week, another time for me to open your eyes to the games that truly matter; The games I love. This time, we’re talking and playing Reus. Probably pronounced Roos. Maybe even Rayoos. Definitely a game where you play a God with four giants that do your bidding to make a world adequate for people to live in (or if you’re feeling malevolent, a death house) and grow as civilizations. It can even be described as a puzzle game as you try to make [...]

Skyward Collapse LTTP Review – A God Game Full of Athiests

It’s not that often these days that I get to play turn-based strategy games, mostly because getting into one leads to a plunge down a rabbit hole that leads to damaged relationships, bad grades, a meeting with my job’s HR department, or a combination of the three. Not that I’m any kind of expert at this genre, but there is nothing as satisfying as zeroing in on an adversary and systematically taking them apart piece by piece until the floodgates [...]