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Rhythm-Shooter Hybrid Chroma Announced By Harmonix, Alpha Signups Now

The guys who brought you games like Rock Band and Dance Central announced today their newest rhythm based venture. Free-to-play FPS Chroma is a rhythm based shooter was announced today via a snazzy trailer featuring a beautiful soundtrack of dubstep and piano. The game will release exclusively for PC via Steam and will focus entirely on multiplayer, class-based combat. As an aside, your pals here at Twinfinite totally called this almost two years ago, so ‘yay us’. Right along with the announcement came instructions [...]

Re-Learning Guitar With Rocksmith 2014 – Week Two

Continuing from last week’s post, I’ve been playing Rocksmith: 2014 Edition in an attempt to consolidate my basic guitar skills into an actual, usable talent. It may be a long road ahead.  Week number two of learning Rocksmith started with a bang – or perhaps more accurately, a twang, as my top E string had clearly had enough of my nonsense and snapped mid-play, tearing a nice half-inch deep scar in my finger. Delicious. Still, with every door closed a window [...]

Re-Learning Guitar With Rocksmith 2014 – Week One

I’ll start this out with some context – while I’ve technically been playing guitar for seven years, I definitely don’t have seven years’ worth of experience with the instrument. I took lessons for a couple of years at the age of thirteen, and learned scales and chords and some theory but with the years following of on-and-off playing I never really developed a great deal of skill or a style of my own. Since finishing school and having some time [...]

[Staff Featurama] What’s YOUR Game?

I’ll come right out and admit it, I’m not that good at games. Most of the time I play on Easy because I can’t be bothered to deal with the hassle of having to restart sections. I will however say that I have nothing to prove to you young whippersnappers because I grew up in the 80s…the era of ‘Nintendo Hard’ games. I’ve paid my dues, and I actually finished most of those tough games that people nowadays only talk [...]