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Heroes Week – Who Would We Put On Our 3 Hero Team?

What’s that you say? Heroes Week finished yesterday? I don’t care. I’M GOING ROGUE AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME! Anyways, back to business. We’ve been covering every aspect of heroes all week except for the one I consider most important: their ability to come together as a team to accomplish the impossible. Everyone from the Avengers to the crew of the Normandy, all are as unstoppable as they are because they work together to get the job done. So I [...]

Heroes Week – Monomythic Proportions

WARNING: This piece contains spoilers regarding BioShock, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption, and to a lesser extent, The Longest Journey. Read at your own risk! The Hero’s Journey, or monomyth as Joseph Campbell called it, is a fairly regular pattern found in narratives across the globe. Every culture, from antiquity onward, has a tale of a Hero’s Journey, and our first recorded work of fiction, Homer’s The Odyssey, is a monomyth. Whether it’s Odysseus, Buddha, Jesus, King Arthur, or more [...]

Heroes Week – You Either Die a Villain or Live Long Enough to Become the Hero

*The following paragraph should be read in the voice of a grizzled war veteran* The paradigm of heroics has shifted. It’s no longer the honorable hero that gets results. It’s not the ones that chain themselves to morality that win. It’s the one that’s willing to do what’s needed that has a chance of saving the day. Honor and courage gave way to cunning and cold intellect. But who cares about all that when you have a beam katana? Within [...]

Heroes Week – The Humble Hero, The Prince of All Cosmos

It’s Heroes Week here at Twinfinite and I’m glad so many heroes have gotten the recognition they deserve. However, there is one that is severely underrated. In fact, as the protagonist of his own series, he doesn’t even get the credit for all the work he has done. After saving the universe multiple times now, the Prince from the Katamari series does not feel the need to be praised, but rather takes solace in his accomplishments with humility. It is [...]


Heroes Week – Whose Hero is it Anyways?

Between hugely popular, blockbuster-movie type superheroes such as Iron Man and Thor, pop culture has made it pretty clear what the masses define as a “superhero”. However, here we decide to discuss the concept of heroes in gaming, some not-so-heroic heroes, all tempered by a touch of narcissistic self-heroism. I guess it was intended to be more empowering than self-glorifying, but come on, when has Tony Stark ever given someone a compliment? It’s that particular, well, “personality quirk” where self [...]

Heroes Week – Evolution of the Multi-Faceted Gaming Hero

This week is our self-proclaimed Heroes Week!  To commemorate heroism in gaming, I have decided to examine heroes of the past versus heroes of the present, what limitations contribute to their differences, why some heroes haven’t changed at all since their conception, and why a gaming hero doesn’t need superpowers.  STRAP IN! Let’s start out with a pretty clear cut protagonist who has had virtually no dynamic growth since his first appearance in 1981: Mario.  He was saving a princess [...]

Heroes Week – A Forgotten Hero

My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics. I make no secret of this. There are multiple characters that do amazingly heroic things and some that do things truly villainous, but there is only one that tries to right the wronged and he is simply forgotten for 400 years. The story of Ivalice is rich in conflict. It begins at the end of 50 years of fighting for territory when a truce is called in the now weakened [...]

Heroes Week – Welcome!

My birthday is this week and I figured I’d do something special to celebrate me. So I took to the press room with an idea. Seeing as how my birthday is so close to Independence Day here, I figured we could gather together some stories for the entire week celebrating heroes. Heroes are people that go above and beyond to help others. They are what this entire industry was built around and as an RPG gamer, it is what I [...]