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Montas Review – Lost in a Dream

Doing my typical pre-review research, I found a lot of people referring to Montas as a survival-horror game. I don’t think that’s really correct; while there’s horror to be found, there’s not a lot of the typical elements of a survival experience. There aren’t large hordes of terrifying beasts to outwit, or precious resources to jealously amass while waiting for the right time. I didn’t find any item-crafting systems or complex stealth controls. Montas is a game that, from the start, urges [...]

Get Dead Space for Free on Origin for a Limited Time

Either EA are a bunch of geniuses or somebody is going to get called into their supervisor’s office. Either way, gamers who haven’t gotten a chance to play the 2008 sci-fi horror smash hit should be celebrating today. You can now download Dead Space for free on EA’s Origin store here. The page says that the sale goes until May 8th, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and just download it ASAP.

Year Walk Review – Adventures with Slenderhorse

I’m feeling curt today, so here it is: Year Walk is fantastic. There you go. You can go buy it now, and I can go back to playing it for a third time. Good day, sir. Okay, so I’m hearing from some superiors that I shouldn’t give one line reviews just because I want to go back to year walking. Year walking, in case you’re not an expert in Swedish folklore, is the ancient tradition of venturing into the woods at [...]

BlackSoul Extended Edition Review: 1993′s Worst Game of the Year

I like horror games. I like adventure games. And I like puzzle games. So when those three come together I get kind of excited, like a younger version of myself playing Alone in the Dark only with more beard and less optimism. So when BlackSoul: Extended Edition from XeniosVision landed on my plate I got a little excited. And that excitement held true, for another reason. I finally got to play my very first (virtually) unplayable game, for both design [...]


New ‘The Forest’ Trailer Already Has Me Scared

Endnight Games released a new trailer today for their upcoming PC/Oculus Rift game The Forest. This trailer, the third one released, opens with an extended look at the game’s survivalist systems but quickly morphs to show off the game’s late game experience and all the insanity that goes with it.  Things start off looking like a better looking Rust, but this trailer quickly dispels that similarity by highlighting the survival horror part of this upcoming game. . Seriously, check out the trailer above. I’m [...]

Twinfinite is Giving Away a Free Copy of Outlast!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love giving you all free games? I wasn’t lying to you all last week when I said we would have another contest up and running soon. It has slowly come to my attention that despite how much of a chickenshit I am, people actually really like horror games. Dear divine mother of the goddess WHY? Let’s put it this way, I have a code for Outlast on the PS4. I don’t want it. I can’t handle [...]


Knock-Knock Launch Trailer Scares Me

There’s a certain art style that I like to call “Scary As Hell.” It is a very specific art style where the characters look deranged, their eyes look sleepy, and everything looks like a Tim Burton movie. Knock-Knock is Scary As Hell. The new survival horror game for the iOS from Ice-Pick Lodge (The Void) has arrived and released a launch trailer. Here’s a hint; it’s definitely not a game centered around the classic joke. In Knock-Knock, you hide from crazy [...]

Serena Review – Putting the Click in Point and Click

Alone in a cabin in the woods, one man must piece together the fragments of his missing memories to discover where his wife has gone and what has become of his life. While the basic premise is familiar enough, Serena manages to do some things exceptionally well even though it falls short in many other areas. Serena is a free-to-play, point-and-click adventure resulting from the collaborative work of dozens of adventure game fans and designers. The game itself is short but manages to [...]

Zombie Studios’ Daylight Gets Release Date, Spooky Twitch Functionality Revealed

Watching people play horror games via Twitch has become more and more popular in recent years, but Zombie Studios is looking to take that one step further. They are integrating a way for viewers to interact with the player’s game through the chat. Daylight, the procedurally generated psychological thriller has been given a release date of April 8 for PS4 and PC, and will include a new and interesting Twitch functionality. Viewers can type specific text commands in the chat to [...]

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