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Black Rock Shooter: The Game LTTP Review – Trent Reznor Senpai!

I’m an anime fan but even I’m not fully versed in the Vocaloid lore that spawned off into the action spin-off, Black-Rock Shooter. Chances are if you’re looking up this game, then you are a member of that same niche market and which case you’ll know already if you plan on purchasing the game. Still, for the rest of you I’ll be more than happy to explain the unique action styling of Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

Black Rock Shooter The Game Coming to US PSN April 23rd

It’s finally happening. Black Rock Shooter The Game is coming out in the US later this month (Europe in April 24th) via the PSN store. A spinoff of sorts from (have you heard of?) Hatsune Miku, Black Rock Shooter started out as a piece of fan work before exploding in popularity to become its own franchise. Developed by Imageepoch, the game was announced for localization a couple years ago by NIS America. Today the company announced that they will be [...]

[News] NIS America Is Bringing Over 3 New Games

Finally we get a release date for Time and Eternity, Disgaea D2, and The Guided Fate Paradox. Now outside of Disgaea D2, you might not have heard any rumblings about these other two. Which is a shame, because they honestly look the most interesting. Time and Eternity is the anime game from Imageepoch. I say anime game, because the sprites and characters are so fluidly animated that you could argue it looks like you are playing your favorite anime. At [...]

[News] Tokitowa Gets More Gameplay and Screens! Mysterious Blue Thing Appears!

Seriously what is that? I don’t understand what the blue thing is but it both confuses and scares me. Women don’t have blue things! NOT EVEN ANIME WOMEN!!!! *Ahem* Anyways, another trailer for Imageepoch’s 2D/3D hybrid RPG for the PS3, Tokitowa, has been released today. Initially, when I saw the first the gameplay trailer my reaction was tepid. There was just something off about the combat that made the character seem like she was hitting an empty space in front [...]

[News] Tokitowa Gameplay Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] Okay so I know I haven’t covered this game like I should have, but I’ve been following Tokitowa (Toki to Towa/Time & Eternity) with interest. Imageepoch’s PS3 RPG Tokitowa is pretty interesting in that it uses hand drawn images for the game. It’s sort of like playing an anime if that makes any sense. Anyways the material for it looked pretty amazing and with Bakemonogatari’s original artists doing the character designs, I was pretty excited. Well here’s the gameplay [...]