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Be Careful, It Can Smell Fear: Videogames of the Future

Imagine a videogame that literally responds to your state of mind, one that reacts to how you’re feeling at any given moment. What if a game like Dark Souls could sense your anxiety prior to a boss fight and adapt by increasing (or alternatively toning down) the difficulty? What if a survival horror game like Amnesia could actually smell fear? As the game detects physiological changes—a quickened pulse, shallow breaths, sweaty palms—that are indicative of the “fight-or-flight” fear response, it [...]

Totem Elements Review – Low Man on the Totem Pole

As a long time fan of puzzle games, you learn how to pick up on a good puzzle game pretty quickly.  With champions like Tetris and Bejeweled holding the crown in the genre, it can be pretty hard for newcomers to put up a good fight.  Is Totem Elements the latest “blockbuster” to keep you addicted long into the wee hours of the night?

Adam’s Venture Chronicles Review – A Kinder, Gentler Nathan Drake

If you’ve ever played any of the Uncharted games and thought to yourself, ‘This would be really great if there were more puzzles and none of these pesky action scenes and gunplay,” then I’ve got some great news! Adam’s Venture Chronicles may just be exactly what you’re looking for. By taking the gruff explorer trope and putting it into a heavy Christian theme, this game delivers a puzzle-rich dive into biblical landmarks, with present but not remarkably oppressive religious overtones that permeate the [...]

State of Decay’s Undead Labs Commits To Deal With Microsoft

The road for Microsoft back to acceptance in the gaming culture has been long and treacherous. First they had to attempt to sweeten their always online plan for Xbox One with family sharing and gaming-sans-disc, then they had to announce one of the most dramatic about-faces in video game history, and then they had to battle back up the slope of various things the internet hive mind had already decided the PS4 would be superior for. One of those was [...]


Like Diablo? Check Out Legends of Persia

If you’re a fan of Diablo’s distinct take on action/adventure RPGs, you’re probably going to love the upcoming indie game Legends of Persia. With fast-paced, bloody battles, over 200 weapons and items, 18 unique types of magic, and 3 playable characters, Legends of Persia is fully customizable and will have ongoing free updates and post-release expansions. It also features procedurally generated items, a deep crafting system, and unlockable classes with different abilities and play-styles. Developers Sourena Game Studio announced that Legends [...]


Indie Platformer Explores Stages of Grief

Chances are you’re familiar with the Kübler-Ross model, more commonly known as “the five stages of grief.” Elizabeth Kübler-Ross first theorized that humans—and indeed other intelligent species—go through a complex and prolonged grieving process. When mourning the loss of a loved one, or facing one’s own mortality, people tend to experience a series of emotional stages: denial (“This isn’t happening, everything is fine!”), anger (“It’s not fair, why is this happening to me? Who is to blame?”), bargaining (“Please, God, [...]

2013′s IndieCade Winners Announced

IndieCade is the Sundance Festival of the video game industry. Indie developers show their games and compete for awards, four of which are Best of Show honors: the Developer’s Choice Award, the Media Choice Award, the Audience Choice Award, and the Grand Jury Award. The Developer’s Choice Award, chosen by indie game developers themselves, was given to Killer Queen Arcade, a 10-player team-based retro-platformer inspired by the likes of Mario Bros., and housed in actual arcade cabinets. The winner of [...]

Spelunky LTTP Review – For the Love of Spelunking

So, there I was spelunking in Spelunky, with one bomb and a rope at the bottom of a snake pit carrying a much needed damsel. My current situation is less than ideal, yet fair. I’d used all my bombs and ropes in a previous level, and thanks to an arrow and a surprise snake I have one heart left. I could use my bomb to blast an adjacent wall, but I might need it later. I could use my last [...]

IndieCade Festival Announces 2013 Finalists

The IndieCade has officially announced the 36 finalists out of 850 for their 2013 festival. Also featured will be 120 other indie games that will be playable October 3rd-6th in Culver City. The selected finalists include: [code] – Rambod Kermanizadeh & Aaron Silbering 99 Tiny Games – Hide & Seek Constellation – Cosmic Games Cube & Star: A Love Story – Doppler Interactive Deadbolt – Elizabeth Sampat Dog Eat Dog – Liwanag Press Edgar Rice Soirée - Copenhagen Game Collective [...]

The Cookie Clicker Phenomenon and Games that Steal Our Attention

How much CpS are you churnin’ out these days? A few hundred million? A billion? Just tell me how many time machines do you have. Are you going for 100 of everything? What’s the new upgrade they added? These are the comments that I’ve been reading (and making) daily in Twitter conversations, TwitchTV chat rooms, group Skype conversations, and plenty other places as a simple browser-based game by a dev named Orteil about clicking and making cookies makes its rounds. [...]

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