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Game Music Bundle Features Broken Age, Journey, And Chance To Win Bundle Key

One of my favorite bundles around is the Game Music Bundle which consistently delivers some of the best soundtracks around. This time, Game Music Bundle is back with its 7th iteration offering diverse albums currently available. As always the available albums are separated by payment tiers, so the more you pay the more albums you get. For $1 you unlock albums for games such as Luftrausers and Double Fine’s Broken Age along with a few others. For $10 you get [...]

Missing the Boat – 5 Video Games Where You Really Needed to Be There

One of the most galvanizing things about being part of the video game community is when a game comes out that everybody is playing. Whether you are following along on Twitch, reading updates on Twitter, or playing on multiplayer servers, there is a palatable sense of togetherness that happens as a large cross-section dives into a new title at once. It happens regularly, but with a wide range of games; some that come to mind are Dark Souls, BioShock Infinite, [...]


Are “Art Games” Really Art?

On this week’s episode of Twinfinite Talks (which you can start expecting to see every Thursday), I gathered up all of your questions from Twitter and YouTube and answered them all in a video for your personal entertainment. I gave you my thoughts on whether or not we should even have a category called “art games” and why all games are an art form as they are anyways. I also do my best Pokemon impression, laugh at Sonic games, and tell [...]

A Problem of Other Minds: The Pros and Cons of Voiceless Multiplayer

The gaming industry of today is one surrounded by a constantly connected world; social networks see hundreds of millions of messages sent each day, whether it be via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other form of the increasingly varied selection of social media. Naturally, this constantly connected lifestyle has permeated gaming and changed the way people play; online multiplayer, whether cooperative or competitive, is seen as a must-have in games by huge publishers, as well as a highly demanded feature [...]


Depreciating ART HAUS Games

One of my best kept secrets (nope) is that I paint. Is it fancy and artistic? No. This is because I am literally the worst at using metaphors and similes, like a parrot with its wings clipped. Does that make sense? No? See? So while I’ve spent so much time loving what I dub “ART HAUS” games, the reality is that 99% of the time, I have absolutely no idea what they’re about. They’re the ones that try to drive [...]


Classic Songs That Could TOTALLY Be About Video Games

Music is such a fascinating art form because it is ubiquitous yet elusive. It’s something that can resonate by just having it on in the background. Songs evoke specific feelings and specific moments in one’s life, and when well-placed can transform a scene in a movie or game into something truly special. Consider the comic strip above. Jimi Hendrix died over 40 years before Minecraft was created, but that badass lyric from Voodoo Child has an entirely new meaning as [...]

[Featurama] Why I’m thankful for Journey

I found myself in a wasteland. Sand everywhere, and nothing in sight except for the dunes below my feet and a tall, glowing structure far beyond the obstacles I was set to travel. As I kept trudging, floating along, I saw a figure dressed in white. Adorned with a scarf as long as the wind’s strides, this journeyer was a friend. We walked together, but in my state I’d still not known why I was walking towards this structure or [...]

[TSFT] Episode #39: Twinfinite’s Muse…ic

Welcome to another week, and another episode of the Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time Podcast. To tie in with Rex Wolff’s collaboration on all of the staff’s favorite musical pieces from video games, we decided it’d be a good discussion topic for the podcast! We talk Zelda, Journey, we have a spitfire Q&A, and have a good time. I hope you enjoy it. We sure did! NOTE: We will be streaming our podcast recordings LIVE from our channel! (Sundays, 10 pm EST) [...]

[Staff Featurama] The Power of Music

Music is amazing. Without words, without plot or concrete meaning, it has the ability to bring out emotions, to elevate a moment into an unforgettable experience. In this interactive post, we, the staff of Twinfinite, explore this, sharing our favorite music, some of our favorite moments, with you, the reader. After the jump, you’ll find our testimonies, our memories. I ask that, as you read, you play the many excellent and varied tracks as they come, so that you may [...]

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