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Uncharted in Space? Yes, Please – Vlogging About Video Games

Hello beautiful humans, I’m back to vlog about video game stuff for the week. Boy oh boy, it’s never a dull week, is it? Well, last week would have been had it not been for that total save from Facebook. They really took one for the team there. Anyway, let’s vlog about video games. Specifically about how I’m a hype-less robot, Uncharted in space would be dope, and the Tropico 5 devs hate my guts.

Tropico 5 Gets a Release Date, Get Ready to Rule the Caribbean

Return to El Caribe as El Presidente and rule El Island again with Tropico 5. Kalypso announced today that my beloved series’ sequel will be releasing globally for PC on May 23rd. Meanwhile, an Xbox 360 and Mac release will come in the summer, with PS4 receiving a port in autumn. I can’t wait. I just can’t. Check out screenshots here!

Beta Test Tropico 5, Everyone Get Hyped

It’s no secret I love tycoon/sim/God games. It’s the absolute power that really gets me going. I even lost my mind at the Tropico 5 announcement trailer. It’s no surprise, then, that I immediately signed up for the Tropico 5 beta as soon as I got the email announcing it. You too can sign up here, and while they ask you to sign up to not one, but two different parts of the site in order to do so, I’m gonna guess it’ll [...]

Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar Early Access Starts Soon

The sequel to historical strategy game Hegemony Rome: Wars of Ancient Greece, Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar, will be unlocking its doors for Steam Early Access buyers soon. February 12th, to be exact. The Rise of Caesar is apparently well into development, despite being an Early Access game. Players will be able to play at least 12 hours of gameplay, most of the main game’s features, and the first two chapters of the campaign. Twinfinite’s staff is pretty much completely against Early Access. We [...]

Port Royal 3 Gold Edition Coming to North America in February

Kalypso announced today that the gold edition of their trading sim is heading to North America on February 25th. Set at a price point of $29.99, Port Royal 3 Gold Edition contains Port Royal 3 as well as the Treasure Island expansion pack, new pirate campaigns, and “micro expansions” Harbour Master and New Adventures. Whatever that means. I’ve never played Port Royal 3; there doesn’t seem to be much substance besides sending ships to trade to other cities. I get [...]


Tropico 5 Teaser Trailer Reaction and Analysis

I am the resident tycoon/sim/management expert, and as such I lost my shit when I saw the Tropico 5 trailer. Let me share with you that moment as well as my breakdown/ analysis of the press release that came with it. Slated to come out in 2014, Tropico 5 is sure to be a huge leap for the series. Here’s hoping it works out well for Kalypso!

[LTTP Review] Alien Spidy – Web of Frustration

Back in October, I wrote a preview for Alien Spidy, Enigma SP’s platforming game, which was slated for release at the end of 2012. It was delayed for a few months, but it has finally been released onto Steam. One thing that really struck me about the demo was that while it was fun, it suffered from the lack of precision with the web-shooting mechanic. Playing the full version has demonstrated that the gameplay is largely unchanged from the demo [...]

[Preview] Alien Spidy Does Whatever a Spidy Can

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Here’s a game that’s a 2D platformer which uses physics capabilities as a core dynamic, has a striking art style and soundtrack, and requires skill and precision through repetition. Now that sounds like ….. just about every indie game made since about 2006. There are however few things I love more than a good platformer, so I happily sat down to play the demo of Enigma Software’s Alien Spidy and see what [...]

[Preview] Dollar Dash Proves There Is No Honor Among Thieves

You know, when you sit down and think about how much video games have advanced technologically and narratively over the years, it really is quite staggering. Sure, games with fully formed stories have been around for a long time (and some were arguably better than games today), but there is still a place for arcade-style simplicity. Kalypso Media is aiming directly for this niche with Dollar Dash, its newest multiplayer ‘grab and dash’ title.