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Kickstarter LogoKickstarter launched in 2009 as a gateway to allow public support for project support. Allowing creators out of funds or just getting off the ground to get the support they might need if the larger public pool felt interested enough to support, back and spread the word to develop success. Slowly expanding support across the world, Kickstarter thrives to allow creators from all regions to take part in the experience.

In the gaming industry, many titles rely on this funding system to generate start-up money for the whole venture or final campaign money to finish products and drive them through marketing campaigns and final production when internal resources are limited.

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Trial of Trails, the Free RPG You Bikeride Through

Over the past decade or so, fitness has really picked up as a strong factor in video game development, revolutionizing the way we play some games today, such as Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Boxing, Kinect Sports, and many more. Maybe you’re just not into any of those though. Maybe you want something more fantastical. Maybe you want something like Trial of Trails, the RPG you play with a stationary bike. It’s as odd as it is intriguing. Trial of Trails [...]

PAX East – JetGetters Hands-On Impressions

JetGetters, from tinyBuild, successfully mashes two utterly antithetical game concepts together. It takes the shenanigans of the grappling hook from Just Cause 2 and combines it with the intense dog fighting from the Battlefield series. The hook, however, is that JetGetters is not so much focused on the one-to-one simulation Battlefield attempts. In fact, tinyBuild has put an emphasis on ensuring the game felt great to play, which it undoubtedly does. The build I got hands on with was showcasing some of the core game-play mechanics. With hijacking being the [...]

JetGetters Adds Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U Stretch Goals to Its Kickstarter

You’ve heard me speak about JetGetters. In case you’re no longer my best friend, though: It’s an awesome new game coming from tinyBuild where you use Just Cause 2′s grappling and Battlefield 4′s plane eject. That’s the whole game. You’re just trying to take down other planes in different game modes with shooting, grappling, and ejecting. Sounds fast-paced, right? Well, it could be. If  it reaches its goal on Kickstarter, that is. Today, tinyBuild announced the stretch goals of bringing [...]

Bear Simulator is the Game You Never Knew You Wanted

Remember Goat Simulator? Remember how great that was? Well I found another pretender to the throne for best “Animal Simulation” game. Welcome, to Bear Simulator. Farjay Studio’s Kickstarter shows off their vision for a game in which players take the role of the humble bear, living their lives as a bear, and if need be, fighting and hunting like the bear. I know, it’s like a dream come true. The campaign page does a pretty good job of convincing you [...]


Shadowrun Online Early Access Release Date Announced

Cliffhanger Productions’ Jan Wagner took to YouTube earlier today to address several questions fans and Kickstarter backers of Shadowrun Online had about the game. The Q&A features questions that people have been asking the developers for quite awhile over the course of the game’s development. One of the main concerns with Shadowrun Online has currently been just how late the game is. The team expected to release the game in May 2013 but had to take more time in order to completely revamp the code, [...]

Shovel Knight Recieves Slight Delay

Yacht Club Games announced yesterday on Kickstarter that the eagerly awaited Shovel Knight will be missing its March 31st release date.  The game has been delayed “by a few weeks” with no specific date in mind to allow for final polishing and touching up across all platforms. In the mean time, the developer is working on making sure the release goes smoothly and that the game releases with proper support on Steam.  While the ancient words of Miyamoto, “a delayed game is [...]

Insanity Squared – Frog Fractions 2 In Development

One of the coolest and strangest browser games of the past few years, Frog Fractions, has a sequel currently in development. Its creator, who goes by the name of Twinbeard, has unveiled a Kickstarter to fund the development of Frog Fractions 2, and promises to go deeper into the non-sequitur laden gameplay that made its predecessor famous: Frog Fractions 2 will evoke that same feeling even more strongly. I can’t describe what I’m going to make in detail, but I can [...]


Kickstarter to Help Gamers Read the Article – Gaming Happens

Welcome to Gaming Happens, the only show where I can be sarcastic for four minutes! Wow! Looks like the Kickstarter to Help Stop You From Being a Little Bitch reached one of its goals! A new tier has unlocked and now we’re going to be working on teaching gamers how to read the articles. I’m so excited to continue on this endeavor with you all. Here’s to making the gaming community a better place! See you next Friday for another [...]


H-Hour Gets a Victory Dance Trailer, I Lose My Mind

I don’t want to get too hyped. Please, someone stop me. I don’t want to be hurt again, but H-Hour is just looking more and more like the old Socom that I fell in love with. In this latest trailer, they show off some of the victory dances you can do over your fallen enemies. Just, you know, be sure you’ve actually won the round first.


New Co-Op Trailer for Waves: Arena Tactics

Waves: Arena Tactics is the sequel to the acclaimed indie hit, Waves. That’s right, they’re making a sequel and if you liked the first one, you might want to back the Kickstarter as there are only 8 days left and they need the cash to finish it. It looks like a mix of Geometry Wars and any dungeon crawler. So basically, like the best thing ever. This latest trailer shows off the co-op in Waves: Arena Tactics and can you just imagine the We Suck Ats?!

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