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Emulation on PS4 is Great News… For Gamers and for Libraries

One hot topic when a new console cycle begins is what to do about all those old games people have accumulated; do we need to keep everything plugged in, or will we be able to enjoy them on our fancy new hardware? If you’re a Sony fan, you now have an answer. According to a report by Digital Foundry, Sony’s streaming service, there are plans to introduce backwards compatibility for PS1 and PS2 games via local emulation software onto the [...]


Mass Effect: Representation of Equality in Gaming? – Twinfinite Discusses

Another week, another Twinfinite Discusses. We haven’t changed clothes. Look, let’s move past that part. Let’s focus on the bigger issues that you all sent to us: what is the key to true equal representation in video games? We talked a lot about Mass Effect for that one, it’s pretty flawless. Other topics include video games in libraries, what genres need massive overhauls, and my tiny dinosaur arms. See you next Tuesday!

Source as Makerspace – The Incredible Legacy of Half-Life 2

“The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band.” — Brian Eno This summer, the library system I work for had begun construction on a ‘Makerspace’ for members of the public to come in and use the various tools it has. This facility, a repurposed section of the Downtown Branch, includes such goodies as a 3D printer, sound and video recording tools, a gaming space, and computers for working on projects (including [...]

[Featurama] Celebrating the Library In Video Games

March 13, 2013 marks the 100th birthday of Edmonton Public Library, which is not not only my hometown’s community hub but my place of employment for the last 10 years. Over the last century, public libraries have undergone incredible changes in terms of actual and virtual spaces, collections, and customer service. I’m proud to say that my library is one of the finest in North America, and that we are on the cutting edge in many ways. One of those [...]