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Life Goes On Gets a Launch Trailer, Proves Life Really Goes On

Life Goes On released today on Steam and to celebrate, we got a nice little launch trailer showcasing the many deaths. When I first heard that Life Goes On featured a lot of dying, I thought it was due to difficulty, a la Super  Meat Boy. However, I see now that the deaths are caused by the necessity of it all. You need to die in some levels in order to use that corpse to get through an obstacle. Genius. You [...]

Life Goes On Preview – Prepare to Die (and Die)

Back in September, I was fortunate enough to attend the Edmonton Comic Book Expo where I encountered indie developer Infinite Monkeys. At their booth, they were showing off an early build of the upcoming puzzle-platformer Life Goes On. Its premise is that you play as a knight traversing a stage to get to the treasure, but must sacrifice yourself for your replacement. As the bodies pile up, pathways open. It’s a clever twist on puzzle-platformers, and I recently played the [...]

Edmonton Expo 2013 – Life Goes On Hands-On Preview

One of the most exciting things about conferences is the thrill of discovering something wonderful that you had no idea existed. While at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo on Sunday, I spent some time talking with Erik Johnson, Producer at Edmonton-based developer Infinite Monkeys, about their upcoming title; Life Goes On, a 48-hour game jam that has developed over time into what will be a full release next year on Steam.