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Edmonton Expo 2013 – Life Goes On Hands-On Preview

One of the most exciting things about conferences is the thrill of discovering something wonderful that you had no idea existed. While at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo on Sunday, I spent some time talking with Erik Johnson, Producer at Edmonton-based developer Infinite Monkeys, about their upcoming title; Life Goes On, a 48-hour game jam that has developed over time into what will be a full release next year on Steam.


Depreciating ART HAUS Games

One of my best kept secrets (nope) is that I paint. Is it fancy and artistic? No. This is because I am literally the worst at using metaphors and similes, like a parrot with its wings clipped. Does that make sense? No? See? So while I’ve spent so much time loving what I dub “ART HAUS” games, the reality is that 99% of the time, I have absolutely no idea what they’re about. They’re the ones that try to drive [...]

Limbo headed to the PS Vita

Any news of a game being released on the PS Vita is good news. This latest announcement comes packed with giant terrifying spiders, deadly traps, and frequent images of a little boy being mutilated over and over again. Developer Playdead announced today that the puzzle-platformer Limbo is hitting the handheld market via the PS Vita. Combining efforts with Double Eleven, Playdead is confident the Vita release will hold an uncompromised experience. Limbo was originally released to the Xbox Live Arcade [...]

[News] The Humble Indie Bundle V Reached $2 Million in a Day

Wow. That’s a lot of money. In less than 24 hours, the Humble Bundle has raised $2 million for the developers, charitable organizations and the Humble group itself.  You guys sure love a good deal for a good cause. It’s completely understandable, too, as these games are the cream of the crop in indie games right now.   All it took was 260,045 people to get to this goal. More interesting is that the Bundle in a Box has donated enough [...]

[News] This Humble Bundle May Be the Best One Yet

Last year, Team Meat gathered with a handful of the biggest indie games to create the Humble Bundle 4.  It still to this date is the most successful Humble Bundle yet.  In the mean time, bundles have come and gone with many interesting games, but none with the name recognition that Super Meat Boy, Cave Story, and the others brought.  This time we have the amazingly awesome Humble Indie Bundle V as a step up in indie bundles. These are [...]