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LTTP Diablo 3 PS3 Review – Worth it?

It’s difficult to review a new version of a game that you’ve played already. You’re not sure what criteria to judge it on- should I target my review to the crowd who’ve played it on PC already, like myself? Should I target console gamers playing the game for the first time? Should I review it as a stand-alone product, or review it in the context of its present-day environment, where the game’s age (over one year) may no longer justify [...]

[LTTP Review] Imscared – No seriously, I’m scared

After our recent article about the Free Bundle, I decided to look through the games and see what the indie crowd had graciously released to us for free. One of the games in the bundle was Imscared, a pixelated horror adventure game that is a little more than meets the eye. Imscared is an indie horror game developed using Game Maker 8 by Italian indie developer, Ivan Zanotti.

[LTTP Review] Bastion

  Bastion at its core is a relatively simple hack and slash style adventure game. It’s a simple game with simple mechanics which might sound like it’s boring or just a standard Zelda style clone, but that’s where you’d be wrong. You play as “The Kid” as you beat up cute monsters with things like a hammer, repeater, bow and other standard weapon types. While it may not offer anything new to the genre from a combat perspective, it certainly [...]

[Featurama] Objectively, I Have Terrible Taste

Objectivity is a harsh master. By its very nature, it allows us to remove the one element of our writings that makes us human: our emotions. It robs us of the thing that makes us who we are, but ultimately allows us to speak to the masses in an unbiased and informative way. Since I’ve been working for Twinfinite, I’ve learned tons about objectivity and fairness in writing, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that, objectively, I have terrible [...]