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Super Mario Bros. 3 on the 3DS Virtual Console and More GBA Games on Wii U

Everyone’s favorite plumbing simulator, Super Mario Bros. 3, is now available for download off of the 3DS eShop for $4.99. This is the original NES version of the game, so if you were hoping for the revamped All-Stars style GBA game, you’re gonna have to wait just a bit longer. But in the meantime, you can once again play what some consider to be the greatest NES game of all time anywhere and everywhere you go! I know I’ll be picking it up. [...]

Make it So – Six MMO Ideas More Interesting than Elder Scrolls Online

[Make It So takes a look at our favorite games and suggests additions, subtractions, and areas to improve upon for the sequel or next entry in the series.] The reviews are starting to roll in for The Elder Scrolls Online, and the general consensus so far is that it’s pretty good, which is about what I thought back when I played an early build of it last year. Good on Bethesda for putting out a quality product, and here’s hoping [...]

Next Month’s GBA Virtual Console Games Dated and Priced for Wii U

Nintendo fans have been abuzz with the news earlier this week that the Game Boy Advance would finally be hitting the Wii U’s Virtual Console next month, starting with Advance Wars.  Nintendo has also put out the full schedule for next April’s first batch of handheld ports along with their pricings. April 3 Advance Wars ($7.99) Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga ($7.99) Metroid Fusion ($7.99) April 10 Kirby and the Amazing Mirror ($6.99) Wario Ware, Inc. ($6.99) April 17th F-Zero: Maximum Velocity ($6.99) Golden Sun ($7.99) April 24th [...]

Nintendo Dropping WiFi Services for Wii and DS in May

Nintendo’s wifi offerings were always the black sheep of the console bunch.  Unreliable connections, limited features, and bizarre options for DLC gained the service poor favor, at least for Wii owners– the DS wifi fared much better, admittedly.  No matter how you feel about it though, Nintendo is giving the services the axe this May. Servers and services that use Nintendo Wifi Connection will no longer be supported after May 20th.  This means no more Brawl or Mario Kart DS online play and devices [...]


Nintendo Made A Mario FPS?: Yoshi’s Safari – Game Mechanic

Every franchise that’s been around for a while has had a few entries that stray from the norm, then are tucked away and forgotten about. Mario is a great example of this. In particular, Yoshi’s Safari for the SNES; a small game that was the first to be compatible with the Super Scope. If you want to know more about this mysterious little game, watch the video above! Make sure to leave a comment letting me know what you thought.

Nintendo Succeeds Where Neither Microsoft Nor Sony Have

I have been having some of the busiest and most stressful weeks of my life ever since 2014 kicked off. Knowing that I am about to graduate from college is exciting, but along with it comes all the preparation for the next phase of my life. Currently, I am applying to law school and will be taking my LSAT this upcoming weekend. Actively aware of how all my hair is falling out, I’ve been on the lookout for things to [...]

Palutena May Be Playable in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

As always, leaked images are the lifeblood of the hype train and it looks like it’s full speed ahead for Nintendo’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. title. Some screens were leaked online earlier today showing what looks to be gameplay from the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. The Goddess of Light from the Kid Icarus series, Palutena, is seen with Mario in the leaked images below. Given the way that Palutena is outlined similarly to Mario in the screens, people are contending that she could be [...]

5 Hit 2013 Songs that were Probably Actually Written by Video Game Characters

My mind is a gutter. I think of all the weirdest things at all the weirdest times of day. Driving home one day, I listened to a couple of songs that equated way too well with the plight of certain video games and certain video games characters. I even scared myself with how well some of these fit. Here are some of the crazy connections I made in my mind on hit songs that were probably actually totally written by [...]

Mario Party: Island Tour Review – The Only No-Cover, All-Ages Event Worth Going To

Mario Party: Island Tour is the newest installment in Nintendo’s long-running zany and wacky party series. True to form, Island Tour is just as wild as its predecessors and successfully rectifies issues of more recent installments while rediscovering the charm that made its ancestors so loved. As with any Mario Party game, the boards and mini-games here are the hallmarks of gameplay. However, the boards take a particularly center-stage focus here. This is because each board has a unique gimmick [...]

Nintendo and Southwest Airlines Team Up to Bring Mario Joy to Travelers

Southwest Airlines and Nintendo are partnering to bring a little extra joy to travelers during this busy holiday season. Beginning Nov. 25, Nintendo’s Wii U Gaming Lounges will be positioned in six busy Southwest Airlines airports, including Dallas Love Field, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago (Midway), St. Louis and Tampa, through the December holiday season. Travelers will have the opportunity try out the hottest Nintendo games in HD, including the must-have Mario game for the holidays, Super Mario 3D World. Mario himself [...]

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