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Not so fast: Master Chief Clarifies Halo Comments

Update: When contacted for clarification, Downes stated to IGN that he didn’t intend to imply that he had any knowledge of Halo 2 Anniversary. “What I said was: ‘I think you’re ahead of yourself on H5. I have read some things on line that you can look forward to a H2 anniversary edition maybe this year, but I have no official information one way or the other,’” Downes said. “I was just mentioning some of the things I had read online [...]

Halo 3 Now Free For Xbox Live Gold Members

Starting today, Halo 3 is free to download for Xbox Live Gold members. Halo 3, along with Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, are the latest free games offered via Microsoft’s Games With Gold program, which has been putting out 2 free games a month from this past July through December 2013. While I personally think it’s the weakest game in the series, getting a game that’s usually priced at $15 for free is nothing to turn your nose up [...]

E3 – New Halo FPS Revealed For Xbox One

In an unsurprising, but still exciting move, Microsoft showed off the newest Halo game for Xbox One. Announcing that the game will be running at 60 frames per second, 343 showed off a gorgeous  pre-rendered trailer. The story of Halo 5 seems to pick up where Halo 4 left off, with Cortana gone and Master Chief facing off against the Prometheans. Hopefully, the story will be receiving the same TLC that the previous game did. Master Chief was finally humanized [...]

[Review] Halo 4: 343 Does Bungie Better Than Bungie

Fans have been eagerly awaiting this newest release in the Halo series for what feels like forever. This enthusiasm was tempered with some serious concerns. Fans didn’t know if the hand over to 343 Industries would be successful. I’m relieved to say that they went above and beyond any and all expectations. They did such a great job, my amazing coworker Brett McLeod (also Twinfinite’s multiplayer Halo master), demanded to contribute and wrote a little piece detailing his experiences with the multiplayer aspect [...]

[News] Master Chief Returns to live-action in “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”

  To those hankering for a dose of live-action Master Chief, prepare to be sated. Yesterday, Variety revealed “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn,” a five-part web series releasing in anticipation of the upcoming shooter. Each (approximately) 15 minute episode will air on popular YouTube gaming channel, Machinima, as well as the Xbox Live hub, Halo Waypoint, in the weeks leading up to Halo 4’s release on November 6. According to Microsoft, the web-series represents the company’s “largest investment” in live [...]