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[TSFT] Episode #57: The True New Generation

A new generation is upon us! Good thing the trusty ole Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time Podcast is here to console you in these exciting times. Last week Sony held a conference, or well, a “meeting,” as they called it, to announce the Playstation 4. We discuss the games they announced, and our thoughts on some of the new features. We also talk some Metal Gear Solid 3, and of course, console wars. Enjoy, and we’ll see you next week. (Disclaimer: [...]

[RIP PS2] The 10 PS2 Games You Definitely Need

[The PS2 is now officially discontinued! We wanted to give this mighty system a proper farewell so we're dedicating an entire week to it.] It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the PS2. In fact, I think I repeat that “SNES > PS2 > N64″ in regards to my top three systems of all time at least once a week. As such, its discontinuation fills me with so much nostalgia that I can only remedy it by taking part [...]

[Staff Featurama] The Power of Music

Music is amazing. Without words, without plot or concrete meaning, it has the ability to bring out emotions, to elevate a moment into an unforgettable experience. In this interactive post, we, the staff of Twinfinite, explore this, sharing our favorite music, some of our favorite moments, with you, the reader. After the jump, you’ll find our testimonies, our memories. I ask that, as you read, you play the many excellent and varied tracks as they come, so that you may [...]