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Twinfinite Staff’s Top 5 Games of the Year List – Mike

Well it’s that time of year when the staff at Twinfinite each gets the chance to reveal which five games most moved us this year, and I just couldn’t resist writing something about each of my favorites. My 2013 in gaming has been very educational, as I came to terms with series’ that I had fallen in and out of love with, series’ I’d never really loved in the first place, and even one that swept me off my feet [...]

Metro: Last Light Coming to Linux, Bundled with SteamOS

Easily one of the best games of 2013 is Metro: Last Light by 4A Games. This tense and gorgeous shooter, set in Moscow’s subway system in the years following a nuclear apocalypse, is now available with a dedicated Linux version on Steam. As an added bonus, this game will also be bundled into the 300 prototype Steam Machines being sent to test it out. This is an excellent choice of game to bundle for a number of reasons. It is [...]

Metro: Last Light to See Mac and Linux Release

Better late than never, right? Deep Silver and 4A Games confirmed that Metro: Last Light is being developed for Mac and Linux, only three months after the general release. Development is being handled by 4A Games themselves. The game will be released on both Steam and the App store. The Steam release will feature Steam Play, which means players who own Last Light on OS  will own it on Mac, PC, and Linux as well. Any and all DLC promised for the [...]

Metro: Last Light DLC and Season Pass Detailed

Metro: Last Light may have only come out a few weeks ago, but Deep Silver isn’t finished with the game by a long shot. Deep Silver announced a series of impending downloadable content to be released this summer, along with a Season Pass to give users discounted access to the whole series. The ‘Faction Pack’ and the ‘Chronicles Pack’ are said to offer new single player content focusing on expanding the universe of Metro: Last Light. The ‘Tower Pack’ aims [...]

Metro: Last Light Review – Metro Prime

A popular sub-genre of video games in recent years deals with the subject matter of the apocalypse. Be it zombie, nuclear, or otherwise, the concept of survival amongst the rubble is narratively rich and has yielded some impressive games. One property to come out of this is the Metro series, based on a series of novels which take place in the labyrinth of Moscow’s underground metro system in the years after a nuclear holocaust. The premise here is that as the [...]

Metro: Last Light PC Specs Revealed

It’s been a bit of a long road for Metro: Last Light with it being delayed and also finding itself as one of the properties bandied about in the THQ rubble back at the beginning of the year. After getting picked up by publisher Deep Silver, it is finally ready for release on May 14, 2013. Not only is this series a fantastic adventure set in (and mostly under) post-nuclear Moscow, but it’s based on an excellent series of books [...]

[E3] Metro: Last Light Emerges From the Darkness

Metro: 2033 will never win any points for its originality. 4A Games’ subterranean shooter wore its influences on its sleeve: Equal parts Fallout, STALKER, and Doom 3. What it did bring to the table however was a game that had great shooting mechanics, terrifying enemies, and one of the more immersive game worlds I’ve visited in a long time. This week at E3 Metro: Last Light, 4A Games’ follow-up, is being shown. Huw Beynon, 4A’s Head of Studio Communications, spoke [...]