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Ray of Light – Five Memorable Video Game Sunrise Moments

As it happens pretty regularly here in Canadialand, it’s been a hell of a long winter. It was such a long winter that we were considering making Let It Go our new national anthem. Thankfully however, the end is in sight. Along with warmer temperatures, we’re becoming increasingly blessed with more sunlight. I’m of the belief that a sunrise is one of the most miraculous and beautiful things a person can witness in the everyday world. It is not only [...]

#DeveloperTweets You Missed Last Week – Oculus RIP

Things go by quickly on Twitter and it’s easy to miss some serious gems. Lucky for you, Twinfinite has you covered with a weekly roundup of tweets from people around the industry. This past week saw the news of Facebook buying the Oculus Rift VR tech; an acquisition that has been met with some mixed responses.  The sale took the industry as a whole by surprise, but none reacted so strongly as Mojang’s Markus Persson (@Notch). In a tweet sent [...]

Notch Talks Alternative VR Options After Facebook-Oculus Deal

Not too long following the announcement that Facebook has purchased Oculus VR to the hefty tune of $2 billion, Minecraft creator Markus Persson tweeted that he would no longer be interested in bringing Minecraft to Oculus. Now, Notch has clarified his opinions, confirming that he is seeking alternative platforms. Notch shared his VR opinions through a series of Twitter messages. In response to questions concerning Notch’s possible work with Sony’s VR set, he tweeted ”I like developing for PC. Maybe others at [...]

5 Reasons Why the Minecraft Movie Will Be a Huge Success

Video game movies are nothing new. From House of the Dead to Resident Evil, from flop to smash, movie adaptations of your favorite/hated title are remembered both for their disastrous execution and (rarely) for their entertaining qualities. And also for Milla Jovovich. But then the LEGO Movie premiered, and while it drew more from the actual bricks/caltrops themselves than the many games spawned from the playsets its connection to video games cannot be denied. Further bringing video games to the [...]

Twinfinite Loop Episode 5 – Andy Hates Finland

Woah, a day late, but not a dollar short.  I’m guessing my body doesn’t really agree with snow the older I get, because it basically made my body shut down yesterday.  Oops.  But now that I’m back to about 75% health, I’ve got a fresh new episode of Twinfinite Loop for your beautiful ears, readers.  Just as the doctor prescribes. What do we talk about this week?  Well, this week, Yami, Andy, Muaz, and me, JC, talk about: The end [...]

Windborne Review – The Sky’s the Limited

One of the biggest challenges when reviewing games is how to balance out judging a title solely on its merit, while being cognizant of how it stacks up to comparable titles. Windborne is the latest game in the sandbox game genre, and comparisons to Minecraft are inevitable. There are a number of ways in which it operates in a virtually identical manner to the 100 million seller, and while it attempts to push in new directions the question remains; does [...]

Edge of Space to Receive Multiplayer This Week

Handyman Studios announced today that their Early Access sandbox survival game, Edge of Space, will get an update this week that includes a multiplayer mode. I haven’t played Edge of Space yet, sounds like it really benefits from multiplayer as most games of its kind do (Starbound, Minecraft). Along with multiplayer, the update will bring a tutorial (Now?!) and something I think sounds awesome, “dynamic game events.” Sounds like these are just randomly occurring events that can have players dealing [...]

I F***ing Hate Early Access Games

Five years ago, in a world where nobody knew who Markus “Notch” Persson was, when the terms “Alpha”, “Beta”, and “Early-Access” were thrown around, it meant you either were going to be playing a demo or some variation of untested nonsense. At no point would anybody have ever used those terms in conjunction with a product that could be sold. Then a game called Minecraft dropped and something spread in this industry like a virus. Indie games could no longer [...]

Minecraft PS3 Release Date Announced and It’s Sooner Than You’d Think

Last time we heard about a PS3 release of Minecraft a month ago, we were teased with the news that it was ‘almost ready for testing’. Now, little over a month later, we’re finally hearing about a release date: tomorrow. Surprise! Minecraft is now scheduled to hit PSN on December 17th. The PS3 release will be the same game as its Xbox 360 cousin, featuring controls and menus streamlined for the console experience. If you’re holding out for a release on another [...]


The Insanity of Minecraft – Zombies Everywhere

The final failed Olympics experiment is here! This match of Minecraft had Alissa, Claudia, and me against the madness that is Rick’s creativity. He played God in this custom game and what that meant was basically throwing crap loads of zombies at us as we flailed about. We really, really suck at Minecraft.

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