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700 Layoffs at Disney Interactive Studios

Approximately 700 people are not having a magical day. The video game and internet divisions of Disney have been struggling, and let go of roughly 26% of its staff, after financial flops with mobile gaming titles such as Where’s My Water? 2. Although some layoffs were expected in the long run, having this many employees let go simultaneously was not anticipated. James A. Pitaro, president of Disney Interactive, had the following to say: We’re not exiting any businesses, and we [...]

Flappy Bird Review – A Plague of Pipes and Pigeons

By now, if you’re active on social media, you’ve likely heard of Flappy Bird, the latest mobile-gaming craze sweeping across everything like Angry Birds in its heyday. I’ve decided, against all of my better senses, to throw myself headlong into writing a review of this deceptively simple yet infuriatingly difficult game, share what I think about it’s place in the world of gaming, and offer my own take on the sweeping insanity that is … Flappy Bird.

All Systems Go For Microsoft’s Nokia Buyout After EU Approval

Three months ago, the news was broken that Microsoft was slated to buyout Finnish cell phone manufacturer Nokia for a cool 7.3 billion dollars. However, one cannot simply make a deal that big without jumping through some hurdles. Today, the final hurdle was cleared. First thing needed approval from Nokia’s shareholders, which came a couple of weeks ago. Next was the decision from the U.S. Department of Justice, who cleared the transaction over last weekend. The last obstacle on the [...]

[Review] Temple Run: Oz – Flying Baboons and Crumbling Roads

The latest release by Imangi Studios and Disney Mobile is another Disney-fied version of their endless runner games, but this time it’s inspired by Temple Run: 2 and based on the newly-released Oz: The Great and Powerful. In this game, you play as The Wizard (called Oz), who is running from angry flying baboons, surely sent from the Wicked Witch. Following closely after the release of Temple Run 2, this title also has a slew of new features that hadn’t been developed [...]

[News] Ron Gilbert and Clayton Kauzlaric bringing pirates to iOS

Last night (at the time of writing), Ron Gilbert updated his blog with the above map of the full innards of The Cave’s cave (reviewed on Twinfinite), and then added a note to the end saying he’s departed from Double Fine in the wake of his pursuit of more mobile gaming fun with Clayton Kauzlaric. If you aren’t familiar with their work, check out their free iOS game The Big Big Castle! (I wrote about it once), which lets you [...]

[News] Sega Announces Sonic Dash for Mobile

Having an endless runner featuring Sonic the Hedgehog seems like a no-brainer, so some folks might be pleasantly surprised to know that today, Sega finally have announced just that. There aren’t too many details yet, just that it’ll be titled Sonic Dash and supposedly be available soon. “Soon” could mean anything, though. We may see it as soon as this week, or may have to wait until next month. The other thing we know is that it’s coming for iOS [...]

[News] EA and Tetris Company Team Up for Mobile Game Tetris Blitz

Today, EA and The Tetris Company announced they are working on a new game for both iOS and Android devices titled Tetris Blitz, which is going to be totally free, and offer a new spin on the special, iconic puzzle game we all know and love. It’s slated for release in Spring of this year. In this game, you’ll have a two-minute timer to clear as many lines as you can, and there’ll even be stuff like Frenzy Mode and [...]

[Wormlight] The Discussion on Mobile Games Continues With Sony’s Chris Mahoney

Games Industry International has the report on Chris Mahoney’s talk at the recent Appsworld conference regarding console versus mobile gaming. Though Mahoney freely admits that mobile games are raking in some good dough and it’s easy to publish on the platform, he also suggests that porting console games to phones and tablets can be problematic. Part of the reason why is obvious: the console experience is not like the mobile experience. Even though mobile gaming is on the rise, the [...]

[News] Disney Mobile releases new free game: Where’s My Valentine?

Fans of Swampy and/or Perry may be delighted to know that Disney Mobile have released a brand new, free app for both iOS and Android called Where’s My Valentine? Where’s My Valentine? features 12 fresh, love-themed levels for everyone to enjoy. There are six levels for Swampy and then another six for Perry, with the option of buying the full version for more whenever you like. Though kind of short, the free version still offers a cute nugget for being [...]

[News] Rovio dropped the prices on their HD games for iPad

[youtube][/youtube] Have you been thinking about playing one of the Angry Birds games, perhaps been tempted by Angry Birds Star Wars, but didn’t want to pony up the cash for an HD mobile game? Considering I don’t tend to like any of the Angry Birds games, but love Star Wars, I do fall into that category. I know; I’m a bad person for being that way. I mean, I shouldn’t have any hangups paying $3 for a game that’ll give [...]

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