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RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Announced! For Mobile Devices! Why, Universe, Why?

I reported on a shady announcement Atari made on their Facebook over a possible new RollerCoaster Tycoon. My suspicion that it was going to be for mobile devices was proven correct as RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile was announced. I’m too sad to even type. I’m sorry if you’re big into mobile gaming, but just look at the trailer. Hear the obnoxious voice that’s used for all those free to play games that Farmville spawned in the app store. I’ll take [...]


Knock-Knock Launch Trailer Scares Me

There’s a certain art style that I like to call “Scary As Hell.” It is a very specific art style where the characters look deranged, their eyes look sleepy, and everything looks like a Tim Burton movie. Knock-Knock is Scary As Hell. The new survival horror game for the iOS from Ice-Pick Lodge (The Void) has arrived and released a launch trailer. Here’s a hint; it’s definitely not a game centered around the classic joke. In Knock-Knock, you hide from crazy [...]


Jungle Rumble Gets a Release Window (Finally)

I first checked out Jungle Rumble when we visited the terror that was Supercon in Miami. It was a breath of fresh air in a sea of absolutely no games (or terrible ones). Trust me, if you’re looking for a new mobile game to waste time with, Jungle Rumble is it. And now, finally, there’s a release window of April 2014 for iOS and Android devices. You play as monkeys traversing branches to a beat. It’s a rhythm action game at heart, and the [...]

CastleStorm Free to Siege Announced

Players that had no way of checking out CastleStorm will now be able to play it all over the place as CastleStorm Free to Siege was announced for mobile devices. Rather than being a direct port of the tower defense game (that Andy loved), Zen Studios is opting for a free to play model making this their first foray into the dark and seedy world of F2P. CastleStorm Free to Siege will include four campaigns, 150 battles, four nations with their own specialties and unique abilities, [...]

Evil Genius: Scrap Squad Coming to Mobile, Looks Adorable

Do you like action-puzzle games? Well, coming from Hazard Studios is Evil Genius: Scrap Squad. Announced today as releasing soon for iOS and Android phones, players take on the role of a mad scientist working to upgrade their evil lair. To do this, you match up falling debris and garbage on the screen to then give it to your minion robots to get more and more cash. As levels progress, the cash becomes incredibly handy as you need to upgrade your robots [...]

Bandit Skies Review – Shoot for Loot

Today I’m reviewing Bandit Skies, an indie outing by TD Programming that touts itself as an easy to pick up shoot-em-up with RPG elements. I played the Windows version of this game, which is also available for Mac OSX,  iOS, Android, Ouya, and as an in-browser experience with the Unity plugin. It’s a very simple game – almost confusingly so at first – but does a fair job of delivering what’s advertised in the short description.


Batman: Arkham Origins To Release On iOS (And Eventually Android!)

Batman: Arkham Origins has been steadily building hype for a while now and that hype isn’t letting up even as we near that October 25 release date. Arkham Origins will also be seeing a release on iOS, in addition to the Xbox 360, PS3, and WiiU releases already announced. The news comes from a NetherRealm Studios announcement yesterday at New York Comic-Con, where they also dropped the trailer you can check out at the top of the page. The trailer jumps [...]

[News] Sega Announces Sonic Dash for Mobile

Having an endless runner featuring Sonic the Hedgehog seems like a no-brainer, so some folks might be pleasantly surprised to know that today, Sega finally have announced just that. There aren’t too many details yet, just that it’ll be titled Sonic Dash and supposedly be available soon. “Soon” could mean anything, though. We may see it as soon as this week, or may have to wait until next month. The other thing we know is that it’s coming for iOS [...]

[News] EA and Tetris Company Team Up for Mobile Game Tetris Blitz

Today, EA and The Tetris Company announced they are working on a new game for both iOS and Android devices titled Tetris Blitz, which is going to be totally free, and offer a new spin on the special, iconic puzzle game we all know and love. It’s slated for release in Spring of this year. In this game, you’ll have a two-minute timer to clear as many lines as you can, and there’ll even be stuff like Frenzy Mode and [...]

[News] Rovio dropped the prices on their HD games for iPad

[youtube][/youtube] Have you been thinking about playing one of the Angry Birds games, perhaps been tempted by Angry Birds Star Wars, but didn’t want to pony up the cash for an HD mobile game? Considering I don’t tend to like any of the Angry Birds games, but love Star Wars, I do fall into that category. I know; I’m a bad person for being that way. I mean, I shouldn’t have any hangups paying $3 for a game that’ll give [...]

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