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New Mugen Souls Z Screenshots, Continues Adorableness

New screenshots have emerged for the upcoming RPG, Mugen Souls Z. Check them out below and satiate your thirst for adorable little anime drawings and turn-based combat. Mugen Souls Z is the sequel to the original Mugen Souls and it promises free-roaming, customization, a vibrant world to dive into, and the letter “z” in its title. You can check out our review of Mugen Souls here as you wait until May 20th (North America) or May 23rd (Europe) for Mugen Souls Z.

10 Games Idea Factory Could Bring West

It has been a day since Idea Factory International has been announced. As the only person on staff that actually is intrigued by the company, I’ve been a bit giddy about what possibilities could come from this Japanese company’s expansion in to California. We still have no idea whether this is just an attempt at strengthening its ties with western publishers, or whether it is a start at cutting through the middle man. With that being said, the former head [...]

[Review] Mugen Souls

It’s pretty hard to pinpoint the thought process behind games from Idea Factory.  While the company releases some of the most interesting game concepts I’ve seen in the last few years, they all tend to go in some bizarre direction.  Mugen Souls continues the trend with it’s odd characters, setting, design and I guess everything else it has going for it. Weird ideas however don’t always make good games so read on to see if Mugen Souls lives up to [...]

[Featurama] NISA Producer Jack Niida Talks to Twinfinite About Upcoming Games at NISA Annual Press Event

[youtube][/youtube]   Recently, Twinfinite was invited to cover the NISA annual press event in San Francisco. Freelance contributor and friend of the site Kenny Redublo was able to cover the event. He filmed and edited his interview of NISA Producer Jack Niida, who had some words about the most exciting upcoming NISA titles.