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DuckTales: Remastered Soundtrack Releasing Digitally on April 29th

One of the best surprises of last year was not just the actual release of DuckTales: Remastered, a polished remake of the original NES classic, but the amazing soundtrack of remixed and remastered tunes by chiptune mainstay, Jake “virt” Kaufman. The game itself was honestly worth actually buying for the music alone. So much so that fans were begging for a soundtrack release, but unfortunately that choice was in the hands of Disney and not Capcom or developer Wayforward. Now, a digital [...]

PAX East – Fract Hands-On Impressions

Fract isn’t your typical music game. Instead of your usual rhythm based button mashing, Fract puts you inside an abstract world and tasks you with fixing the landscape and restoring the music to the world. The game is based highly on the idea of exploration. Unlike most modern first person games, there is very little hand holding. You’re dropped into the world with only the environment to guide you. Puzzles are at the core of the experience as well. Though visual instructions [...]

PAX East – Cosmic DJ Hands-On Impressions

The last rhythm game I can remember that actually utilized and encouraged the fine art of improvisation was Um Jammer Lammy.  Now, the upcoming iOS game Cosmic DJ can count itself amongst that oddly specific niche. Cosmic DJ is a game about making and remixing music, regardless of how much skill you have coming into it.  The demo I played started by offering me a number of scenarios to help revitalize something called the Jamtenna.  When I asked the sound designer, Katherine Wenske, if [...]

Video Games Live to Hit London and Manchester in 2014

In a brilliant show of acceptance for the medium, Video Games Live, a hugely successful concert featuring orchestral re-arrangements of video game theme music, is still touring and set to sweep back into the UK for November 2014. Music included will feature ‘Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more’ and has been world record-winningly popular in the past, garnering a 100,000-person audience in China. Hitting the Manchester O2 [...]


Sample Conception II’s Soundtrack

Conception II is on its way to 3DS and Vitas everywhere on April 15th. Preorder here and you’ll get a special package that comes with a CD of the game’s soundtrack. Not sure what to expect? Have no fear as now you can sample the soundtrack and figure out whether you think that much anime is necessary in your life.

Get The Walking Dead: A House Divided’s Credits Theme For Free

Telltale’s The Walking Dead series is emotionally gripping in every sense; even its music wraps you in melancholy. Now you can spiral into depression wherever you go as Into the Pines (from the credits of A House Divided) is available for free here. I wonder who they’re talking about when they keep saying “little girl.” I mean, way to wrap the song in mystery, amirite?

In Flux Features Big Names in Video Game Music, Available Now

Brave Wave Productions is a record label specializing in bringing together the best talents in the video game industry to create music. Their debut album, World 1-2, was met with acclaim. Now they’re back with their newest album In Flux is available today for purchase. Though not the exclusive theme of the album, In Flux aims to have western and eastern composers collaborate together on various tracks throughout the album. And holy shit are these amazing. Artists such as Manami Matsumae [...]

Twinfinite Endless Playlist – Video Games Live: Level 3 Review

[I was asked to Review the new album from Video Games Live, Video Games Live: Level 3, for this special edition of Twinfinite's Endless Playlist] Video Games Live is an award winning concert series that orchestrates famous video game music for the roaring public. Their combination of classic orchestra and multimedia presentation has made them the go-to video game symphony years before Nintendo went on tour with their Legend of Zelda concerts. Recently, they went to Kickstarter to fund their [...]


Check Out brentalfloss’ New Lyrical Game Music Album, “Flossophy”

For me, brentalfloss popped up right at the every end of the video game internet celebrity boom, started by trendsetters like the Angry Video Game Nerd.  His signature act of adding competent lyrics to game melodies was truly inspired and of course hilarious, right from the get go. Flash forward about five years later to today, and brentalfloss has just released his third album of “With Lyrics” songs and original pieces in an album titled, Flossophy, which I gotta say is [...]

Resident Evil Composer Revealed as a Fraud in Multiple Ways

The Resident Evil music was never extremely memorable for me, though I do remember it being one of the early ambitious symphonic scores in video games (and I do love the safe room music). It has been revealed that Mamoru Samuragochi, the well known composer for the series, didn’t actually write most of the music. The 50-year-old has been called a modern Beethoven after losing his hearing at the age of 35, but continuing to work using absolute pitch. But now, Samuragochi has [...]

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