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Namco Bandai Games LogoEstablished in 2005, Namco and Bandai merged together, the publisher currently focuses on continued development of popular Namco Franchises including Soul Calibur, Tekken, The Tales Series and many more legacy releases prior to the merger. Namco Bandai also pursues new IP introductions and has attempted to launch a dedicated hardcore brand named Surge which didn’t really make much of a splash.

Future releases:
Dark Souls II
Tekken x Street Fighter
Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U

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Let’s Talk About 5 Changes in Dark Souls II

Full disclosure: I haven’t yet finished Dark Souls II. If I’d had it from release, I definitely would have by now, but I was away travelling until just a week ago and when checking Twitter every night I had the excruciating task of avoiding any and all spoilers – and since I wanted to go into the game completely blind to get the ‘true’ experience, EVERYTHING was a spoiler to me. Tough one. Still, at about 20 hours in I’m [...]


Dark Souls II Developer Diary – ‘Dark Intentions’

It’s close now. So very close. With just over a fortnight to go until Dark Souls II spills out into the mortal, cursed world, Namco Bandai have released an outstandingly brooding developer diary on the themes of the sequel. Talking heads include director Yui Tanamura, art director Daisuke Satake, and British comedian and voice actor Peter Serafinowicz. Prepare to die.

Dark Souls – Don’t Give Up

The flow of time may be convoluted in Lordran, but in the real world, there’s a mere month until Dark Souls II. For some people, it’ll be a homecoming, a return to a world that’s taken so much, and given back so much more. But naturally with every new entry to a series, it will also bring in a whole batch of new blood, blindly taking their first steps into a world that wants them dead. It’s a fascinating thing [...]

New Wonder Momo Game, Anime, CD, Everything in 2014

Forget the Year of Luigi being extended into 2014, Namco Bandai is basically making 2014 the year of Wonder Momo. Now for those of you who don’t know, Wonder Momo is an old IP of Namco Bandai’s originally released for Japanese arcade machines in 1987 and later ported to the Turbografx-16 and Wii Virtual console. Unfortunately it never made it to the states, presumably because of its anime influences deemed too “strange” by the standards of the day. Those fools. [...]


VaatiVidya’s Speculations on Dark Souls 2

If you know anything about the Dark Souls community, you’ll know they spend half their time not playing the game at all, but instead pooling their knowledge of the game on YouTube, forums, and wikis to break down all of the nooks and crannies of the intricate world. That isn’t a criticism, in fact I think of it as one of the greatest phenomena this generation has produced. Newer publishers might be trying desperately to blend social media and games, but Dark Souls [...]

Twinfinite’s Endless Playlist: Katamari Damacy

[This post isn't anything critical in nature. It's intended to be an appreciation series where I talk about the video game music I enjoyed and still do. I'm hoping that with this feature today we could reminisce our first time the music found its way in our hearts, or if you've never listened to the music, to consider spending an afternoon with some headphones and Youtube to find some new music.] If you read a list somewhere online, possibly finding [...]

First Pages of Dark Souls II: Into the Light Comic Now Available for Free

With the release of Dark Souls II just around the corner, Namco Bandai has decided to create a digital comic series based in the game’s universe, Dark Souls II: Into the Light, to gain hype and attention leading up to the game’s release in March. The series is being written by Rob Williams and Andi Ewington with art done by Simon Coleby. Expect two new pages each week up until the game’s release. Here’s the link to the first couple [...]


Check Out Elize the Vampiress’ Fighting Style in Tekken Revolution

Little over a month ago, images and information on the latest character to join the Tekken roster emerged. Only now has the official Japanese Tekken YouTube Channel unveiled footage of the vampiress, now named Elize, in action. She’s a pale beauty who has a habit of falling asleep it seems, although it’s unknown whether or not this will actually be in the gameplay as a drawback to using her. Although what is shown of her moveset is very interesting. At [...]

Dark Souls II Reveals New Covenants, Screenshots

One of my favorite features of the first Dark Souls was the covenant system. It added both interesting gameplay additions, as well as narrative resonance (for instance finding out an enemy you killed was in the same covenant as you). I didn’t like how you could essentially join a covenant, gain its skills, then leave for another, but that’s for another time. Well a handful of new screenshots from the upcoming Dark Souls II has revealed with them some new [...]

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