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Twinfinite’s First Gaming Memories

We have some pretty amazing fans. Case in point, our good friend SdZeroX, who reached out to us and asked what our first gaming memories were. After thinking about it for a while, the Twinfinite team came together to write out a list of the very first games we all enjoyed. If there’s ever any questions you want us to discuss and answer, just send an email to with the subject Twinfinite Discusses, and we’ll answer it. Technically, the [...]

Shovel Knight Recieves Slight Delay

Yacht Club Games announced yesterday on Kickstarter that the eagerly awaited Shovel Knight will be missing its March 31st release date.  The game has been delayed “by a few weeks” with no specific date in mind to allow for final polishing and touching up across all platforms. In the mean time, the developer is working on making sure the release goes smoothly and that the game releases with proper support on Steam.  While the ancient words of Miyamoto, “a delayed game is [...]

NES Remix 2 is Coming, Along with Super Luigi Bros.

On April 25th, Nintendo will be releasing a sequel to incredibly bizarre NES Remix in the form of NES Remix 2 on the Wii U.  The new game will feature even more NES games, such as Kirby’s Adventure and Wario’s Woods, to help amp up the action and excitement. Also included will be Super Luigi Bros., a new version of the original Super Mario Bros. where players play as Luigi, moving from right to left along with his trademark super jump. The Year of Luigi… lives on.

NES Remix Review – feat. DJ DK Jr., MC Luigi, and Lil Kim

Nearly everyone, their mother, and probably their dog has played Super Mario Bros., but never like it is in NES Remix, a new and intriguing title for the Nintendo Wii U eShop that takes the core elements of many of their old games from the Nintendo Entertainment System (called Famicom in Japan), and repackages them with all sorts of challenges. Now the question at hand: is this just a cheap exploitation of Nintendo nostalgia and already well-known games or is [...]


NES Remix Adds Twists on the Games That Started it All

Just when you thought you knew how to play those NES games many of us grew up playing decades ago, Nintendo releases NES Remix, completely by surprise. NES Remix is an arcade challenge title that takes 16 classic NES games and takes certain levels or parts of levels, remasters them, and challenges you to complete them within a set time limit or under certain conditions. For example, the game may have you play levels of Super Mario Bros. completely backwards, [...]

[News] Google Maps Introduces 8 Bit Version

[youtube][/youtube] Google is an alright company, but recently, they have gone too far and ventured into the undeniably amazing.  In the video above, you can see a demonstration of the all new Google Maps 8-Bit for the NES/Famicom.  The whole video is truly brilliant.  A dial-up cartridge?  Using an army of servers to take the load off of the poor little Famicom?  It’s far too much to handle.  Also, one has to wonder whether there will be any random encounters [...]

[Overlooked Gems] Wario’s Woods

When one thinks of the NES, a plethora of beloved games spring to mind.  Who can forget their good times with, among other classics, Super Mario Brothers 3, Contra, The Legend of Zelda, and Wario’s Woods?  Wait, what’s that you say?  You’re telling me that that last one isn’t familiar?  Well, truth is, not many people know about it, and that’s a shame.