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This War of Mine Announced, Will Be Depressing

11 bit studios (Anomaly) announced their upcoming game, This War of Mine. They hope to explore the “other side of war” and highlight the people that aren’t soldiers. It’s going for more of a survival aspect, rather than a “you can hop in and shoot everything” one. Sounds like a compelling idea, and I’m always glad to see developers taking a route that will open gamers’ eyes to issues within the real world. Check out the teaser trailer above and be [...]

[TSFT PreGame] Episode #37: Your Winter Gaming Forecast

Welcome again to this weeks edition of the TSFT Podcast PreGame. On this week’s episode, we’ll be talking a little about the upcoming releases for the coming seasons! This is looking to be a good end-of-year, but will it top yesteryear’s amazing lineup? Listen LIVE on as we discuss live on the air. We hope you’ll join us @ 10:00 pm EST tomorrow (Sunday). Leave a comment below, or tweet us @Twinfinite, and we’ll answer any questions live on [...]

[News] PAYDAY: The Heist Gets More DLC

A slew of screenshots as well as a great-looking trailer have surfaced for the new DLC to one of my favorite shooters of recent memory, PAYDAY: The Heist. The four-player cooperative shooter developed by Overkill Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment has had a few patches and a couple of   downloadable expansions, but this looks to be PAYDAY‘s biggest one yet. With two new heists, new levels, and new weapons including an AK-rifle, a grenade launcher, the STYK [...]

[News] Awesomenauts Gets New Characters With Patch

Ronimo Games, creator of the highly-addictive Awesomenauts, announced earlier today that a patch would soon be releasing to the public. The developer explained that the patch was not because something was wrong with the game -which has already housed over 1.5 million battles in a little over two months- but rather, because the characters are just too unbalanced. However, you might be surprised to learn why. Hit the jump for more details.

[News] The Amazing Spider-Man’s “Web Rush” Trailer

As usual with Marvel-licensed movies, there is almost always a game that accompanies it. However, it is mostly there to earn a quick buck because it has the name. The Amazing Spider-Man looks to fix this problem and deliver a truly entertaining and quite amazing experience to gamers. The newly-released “Web Rush” trailer is just another reminder of why we love Spider-Man. Hit the jump for details and the trailer.