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PAX East – La-Mulana 2 Hands-On Impressions

I felt true pain when I played the first La-Mulana game, a brutally difficult Japanese roguelike-platformer adventure. The explorable ruins, named La-Mulana, were riddled with traps and tricky enemies around every corner, and it only got worse the deeper you went. Lucky for me, a sequel is on the way, aptly named La-Mulana 2. The sequel is particularly interesting in that it strives to make it easier for players without actually being easier. What exactly does that mean? Specifically, one of the [...]

La-Mulana Review – In These Ruins, No One Can Hear You Scream

Difficulty varies wildly in video games nowadays from the dramatically easy to the punishingly difficult. Still, you can beat most games of the current generation… except La-Mulana. Well, I couldn’t beat it, try as I might. There are games nowadays that hold your hand when you seem to have been lost for hours or have died a set number of times; La-Mulana is not one of those games. This game grabs your hand instead and breaks your thumb for fun, [...]