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New Mugen Souls Z Screenshots, Continues Adorableness

New screenshots have emerged for the upcoming RPG, Mugen Souls Z. Check them out below and satiate your thirst for adorable little anime drawings and turn-based combat. Mugen Souls Z is the sequel to the original Mugen Souls and it promises free-roaming, customization, a vibrant world to dive into, and the letter “z” in its title. You can check out our review of Mugen Souls here as you wait until May 20th (North America) or May 23rd (Europe) for Mugen Souls Z.

Hyperdimension Neptunia PP Goes All Idolmaster and Stuff

One of the biggest niche RPGs of the past few years seems to have been the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.  Though the first game was overall panned, the sequels seemed to pick up the pieces and make an interesting visual-novel dungeon crawler with an aim to make some jabs at the gaming industry as a whole.  Now the anime game parody is back on the Vita with Hyperdimension Neptunia PP announced for the US and European markets by NIS of America. In PP, players take [...]


TGS – DanganRonpa Interview with Yoshinori Terasawa

I sat down with Yoshinori Terasawa, producer of DanganRonpa, to introduce the game that is being localized by NISA. The text-based adventure title will be launching for the PS Vita next year and with the Monokuma in hand, we talk a little about how this popular title in Japan became such a hotly anticipated title in the west. I may have suffered a mild stroke towards the end, hence my pronunciation turning into “Ehmergherd! Dangern Ronpern!”


TGS – Interview with NIS President Niikawa on Disgaea D2, Guided Fate Paradox, and Witch and The Hundred Knight

I sat down with NIS and NIS America president Souhei Niikawa as we talk about the three upcoming flagship titles of NIS: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, The Guided Fate Paradox, and The Witch and the Hundred Knight. All three titles seem to represent a new direction for the company with two of the titles celebrating the company’s history while the third is an entirely new experience from the established game developers. It was interesting to learn about these titles [...]

[Review] Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection

When Sting and Idea Factory joined forces, they had the audacity to brand their collaboration as “Super Sting.” It reeks of hubris, but if I can be honest, I’d expect nothing less from Idea Factory. On paper it sounds like a really promising venture as Sting consistently creates unique gameplay options while drudging a bit on the story. Idea Factory is a well known visual novel producer in Japan so pairing a gameplay focused studio with a story driven one [...]

[News] Disgaea 2 is Coming to PSN

The PS2 version of Disgaea 2 is coming to PSN on January 22.  For those not up to date on the Disgaea series, it’s great.  A mix of puzzle and strategy, this tactical RPG is easily one of the best values in gaming with hundreds of hours of gameplay available.  Disgaea 2, while not as good in story, is a much better game than the original and if you’ve skipped it during the PS2 and PSP years, you have one [...]

[Review] Clan of Champions

When NISA announced they would be publishing their first game for Xbox 360 with Clan of Champions, I was genuinely excited.  NISA has long been stubborn in moving to Microsoft’s console and to hear that they would branch out for the first time felt like the company would really be expanding in to new markets. Unfortunately, they then cancelled the Xbox port.  Still, Clan of Champions proves that NISA has an interest in the PC market.  This marks their second [...]

[Review] Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2

Idea Factory is a company known for making games with good ideas.  Unfortunately, those good ideas are placed in some fairly mediocre titles.  Somehow though, the Hyperdimension Neptunia series has come out to shocking success for the company. It’s because the ideas behind the game are so darn interesting that Neptunia stands heads above their other titles. Not all good ideas however translate into good games, so with the game’s re-release on PSN, I figured it was about time to [...]

[Review] Legasista

Legasista is an odd little dungeon crawler from a creator well-versed in making odd little dungeon crawlers.  System Prisma has been working side by side with NIS on a number of projects for years.  The fruit of their experience has come together in Legasista, a downloadable PS3 dungeon crawler. This being System Prisma’s first real foray on to the PS3, much has to be proven.  Hit the jump to see if the Cladun developer nailed their console debut for this [...]

[News] Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Hits PSN August 7th

Popular RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 will be coming to PSN as a full game download on August 7th in North America, and August 8th in Europe. Set in the world of Gameindustri, you take the role of Nepgear as she battles the evil Arfoire, who has defeated the heroines of the previous game. Now it is up to their younger sisters to put an end to his evil. With a free-roaming combat system, combos, and an extensive customization option, this [...]

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