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What’s Changed in WoW Since You Last Played – Gaming Happens

Twinfiknights, I need help. I got addicted to Hearthstone. That’s not the end of my problem, though. I… I may have started a WoW Starter Edition account and have been playing it since. It’s a wonder I even made this episode of Gaming Happens. But look, if you’re like me and haven’t played since “back in the day,” you’d be surprised exactly how much our beloved WoW has changed.

tinyBuild’s Next Game is called Super Sky Pirates

And that title alone sounds amazing. They say Super Sky Pirates will be much bigger than No Time to Explain and the Twinfinite favorite, Speedrunners. TinyBuild says that because of this, despite their dislike for the service, they’re turning to Kickstarter again to help fund this endeavor. A full announcement and Kickstarter will be “coming soon,” with only the above teaser image to satiate our curiosity for now. Considering how awesome Speedrunners is, I can only imagine how great they’ll make a much bigger, 3D game [...]


Why I Love: Reus

Another week, another time for me to open your eyes to the games that truly matter; The games I love. This time, we’re talking and playing Reus. Probably pronounced Roos. Maybe even Rayoos. Definitely a game where you play a God with four giants that do your bidding to make a world adequate for people to live in (or if you’re feeling malevolent, a death house) and grow as civilizations. It can even be described as a puzzle game as you try to make [...]

OMG HD Zombies Hitting The Vita

Laughing Jackal, developers behind one of the top-scoring PSP games on Metacritic, OMG Zombies is releasing a full-fledged HD upgrade to Sony’s latest handheld. the gameplay stays true to the OG version, with shooting zombies, exploding heads, chain reactions, and power-ups, but now there’s more. With completely redrawn graphics to scale with the Vita’s native resolution, more types of zombies, and even inclusions like trophies and leader boards, this is a welcome addition to the collection of addictive, fun games that [...]

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Limited Edition Comes Packaged With Cuteness

I seriously love Limited and Collectors Editions, especially when they throw in things like this. The recently revealed Limited Edition of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is very quickly winning me over. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is the HD remake of the two Symphonia games: Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for the Wii.  The Limited Edition includes both games, the five figures featured in the picture above, a multi-disc soundtrack, and a paperback novel to fill [...]

Super Mario 3D World Hands-On Impressions

Seldom do I play a game that leaves me with the itch to play it immediately after putting the controller down. Usually I’ll walk away, enjoy the time I spent, and maybe go back to it later. But when I checked out Super Mario 3D World, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

Persona 5 Domain Registered! Everybody twerk now!

Naughty, naughty Index Corporation registered the domain “” and immediately everything was right in the world. Does this mean Persona 5 will be announced soon? Oh, please let it be so. Apparently, the domain was registered on June 25th. After some shady business happenings at Index, I would hope that they’d have this ace up their sleeve to help ensure Atlus’ future. But, it could just be a case of squatting. In any case, hopefully we get something official out [...]

[News] Arc System Works Announce BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

What a wonderful time it is for Arc System Works. First P4 Arena (Ultimate in Japan) has just launched to great acclaim, and their current flagship series Blazblue has just sold 1.7 million sales (of which a few events have been planned in honor of its success as well as the series’ 3rd anniversary). Shoryuken and Siliconera both report that recently at BluFes 2012, the next installment of the series has just been announced. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma will be gracing [...]