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Plants vs. Zombies Pinball on Steam This Week

The downloadable content for Pinball FX2 that brings all Plant vs. Zombies players some fan service is rolling to Steam and the Mac App Store. After playing a bunch of Zen Pinball, I can say the Plants vs. Zombies one was my favorite. Though that may be a bit biased, since I’m a huge fan of the series. Anyway, if you’re looking to step up your pinball game, check out the Plants vs. Zombies DLC on March 6th.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Character Artworks Revealed

All aboard the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare hype train, choo choo! I can’t be the only fan of Plants vs. Zombies around Twinfinite, don’t make me ride it out alone. I’m excited for the new twist on the old classic with Garden Warfare and look at these wonderful character images satiating my thirst until its release tomorrow.  

[Review] Nano Ninjas

Oscar Wilde once said “Talent borrows, genius steals” as a statement that there’s really nothing original out there anymore. Instead of focusing on originality, it’s just a matter of who does the best job of iterating on the ideas of others. When applying this comment to casual/mobile games, certainly one of the primary titles which gets iterated-on a lot is Plants vs. Zombies. As is the case with anything popular — but doubly so in the wild-west landscape of mobile [...]

[News] Hand Out Plants vs Zombies for Free on Halloween

Well here’s a bit of awesome news for anybody too cheap to buy those overpriced bags of candy.  Popcap Games, Electronic Arts and the American Dental Association are asking you to hand out redeemable coupons for Plants vs Zombies.  You can download a .pdf file of the file to print and cut out for any little monsters running around out this Halloween.  Print a few for yourself as well if you feel like it. There is a catch for this [...]