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Volt Review – Electrifying? Not so much

“For substantially all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources” – Mark Twain In today’s age when you can have hundreds of copies capitalizing on the success of a single game (i.e. the numerous Flappy Bird clones), it is hard to come up with a truly original idea. To a degree, it is the art forgers of today who display more skill and technique, copying paintings detail for detail, than the masters of old. There [...]


Concursion Has a Playable Demo You Can Check Out

Puuba has released a playable demo that anyone can check out for their upcoming game Concursion. What’s most interesting about it is that they seemed to have mashed up a variety of genres all into one game. Just by viewing the above trailer, you can spot at least three (platformer, rpg, and shoot ‘em up) within one minute, though the developers have said there’s actually five genres. I also love the idea that you can use what appears to be [...]

PAX East – A Hat in Time Hands-On Impressions

It’s hard not to grin while playing A Hat in Time. It is an overwhelmingly charming game that wants to channel the best of the 3D collect-a-thon platformers that existed throughout the Nintendo 64’s lifespan. While still in a very early state, it’s clear that A Hat in Time has the right idea of what people are most nostalgic about and so far seems capable of delivering on it.

PAX East – Organic Panic Hands-On Impressions

Organic Panic is a 2.5D Action-Puzzle platformer in development for every platform under the sun. Without a doubt my favorite indie title of PAX East 2014, Organic Panic prides itself in being a platformer with such dynamic environments that just about every inch of the map can be destroyed. As mentioned, Organic Panic‘s primary claim to fame (among many) is its fantastic physics. Movement is entirely defined by the influence of standard physics: streams of water will flush you away, [...]

Twinfinite is Giving Away a Free Copy of Guacamelee!: Gold Edition!

Another week, another game I decide to shower you all with. This week, I decided to dig deep down into my Hispanic roots, miss Cuba by about 1600 miles, and take you all down a trip to Mexico. Here, you will hop all around the forests, towns, and other regions of my homeland. I’m not even Mexican, I was born and raised in Miami, what am I even talking about? Anyway, we’re giving away a copy of Guacamelee!: Gold Edition [...]


New Gameplay Trailer for Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube Released

Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube is the new title coming from Liquid Flower Games. What started as a student project between them has been fleshed out into a full-fledged puzzle platformer that’ll be releasing on Steam in April. The most intriguing aspect of the gameplay is that the world around you (“Atlas”) is falling apart, so you’re going through levels using your power cubes to solve puzzles and bring the world together again. Today, a gameplay trailer was released and you can [...]


Angvik Review – Masochism For Masochism’s Sake

Imagine, if you will, Dark Souls without bonfires. Now, I do not mean just playing the game without using the existing bonfires. That is an emergent challenge, a bit like an achievement. Its something you do for yourself to increase challenge on your own end. You had to make that choice. No, what I mean is to have you imagine that Dark Souls had never been designed with bonfires. Just take the game, as it is, but rewind time to the [...]


Full Hour of Yoshi’s New Island Gameplay Footage Released

With Yoshi’s New Island coming this week, it seems fitting that more and more information and footage is gradually being revealed. Just a short while ago, a full hour of gameplay footage was posted to YouTube. I’ll be totally honest, as much as I love Yoshi’s Island games, this game just isn’t doing it for me. I wish they would have just stuck with their old art style instead of moving over to this 2.5D style. You can look forward to Yoshi’s [...]

Maya Breaker Kickstarter In Progress

The Kickstarter campaign for the indie game Maya Breaker is currently underway. This last week saw some updates to the campaign, including the news that the game is now up for critique on Steam Greenlight. The game is seeking to raise $10,630 by March 16 to aid with production. Reward tiers look pretty sweet with goodies ranging from a copy of the game to a 3D printed figurine of the game’s heroine. Maya Breaker is a “swinging 16-bit era adventure platformer” that [...]

SteamWorld Dig PS4 and Vita Release Date Revealed

The mining platformer, SteamWorld Dig is digging its way to PS4 and Vita soon with a March 18th release in America and a March 19th release in Europe. The retail price is $9.99, however, Playstation Plus members will be able to get it for 20% off its first week. It will also have cross-play so whichever copy you buy, you’ll have the other to play with as well. You can read our review of SteamWorld Dig over here.

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