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Four Games Added To Humble Indie Bundle 8

The newest Humble Bundle is adding four new games to its line-up. They are: Tiny & Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers, Intrusion 2, Oil Rush, and English Country Tune. The last two games’ soundtracks are also included in the bundle. If you’ve already bought the bundle, the new games will automatically be added to your download page. You can click here to buy all 11 games and 10 soundtracks as long as you pay over the average price, which is currently $5.75. If you’d like to [...]

The Humble Indie Bundle 8 arrives just in time for summer

[youtube][/youtube] Have you been sitting around wondering what games you should be playing this summer and how you could be contributing to the world as a whole? Well, look no further than the 8th Humble Indie Bundle! For those who haven’t heard of it, the Humble Indie Bundle is basically a collection of games that you buy for the price of your choosing. Portions of the money will go to the developers of the games, charities, and the Humble Indie [...]

[Review] Proteus — Postcards From Chill Island

In a dream, we usually know what is, regardless of however strange our surroundings may be. Proteus, a new indie title by Ed Key and David Kanaga brings us a world of tranquility and discovery, unique with every playthrough. With a placid air of mystery, we are allowed to surmise our own circumstances and meanings behind this increasingly interesting title. Still, that does not mean it may be for everyone, and that’s okay. Find out if you ought to give [...]