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ps4_logoSony's Playstation 4 is the latest generation of console hardware, released on November 15, 2013 the system is the first of the line to incorporate x86 technology developed by AMD for the system. The Playstation 4 works to offer larger community interaction, higher interactive offerings via Streaming online or to the Vita and enhanced controls found in voice commands and the newest Dual Shock controller.

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Playstation 4 Hardware Specs:
CPU: Semi-custom 8-core AMD x86-64 APU | GPU: Semi-custom Radeon GPU | Memory: 8GB Unified GDDR5 | Storage: 500GB HDD (user expandable)

Latest Screens:
10001411_724176847622997_964971608_n 1978860_724176050956410_1440313809_n 1966742_724175897623092_735559124_n 1966721_717434108297271_1343485558_n BasementCrawl-BoxArt-600x250 Don't mind that phallic-esque explosion. It's like someone walked into a Spirits, and just drew what they saw. A multi-player only game with no playing it? Great. More to come regarding creepy wolf scientist. ps4 emulation console love What should have been


New Evolve Trailer Showcases 4v1 Combat, Developer Commentary

Today, 2k Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming shooter, Evolve. The trailer is one 8-minute long showing of Evolve‘s 4v1 combat system. Follow Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers and Chris Ashton from Turtle Rock Studios as they guide you through a match with their own commentary. Check it out. Evolve is shaping itself up pretty amazingly. There’s a reason we gave it a best of show at PAX East 2014.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Review: Breathing New Life into an Old Genre

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is an arcade space shooter by Born Ready Games that improves upon its original release. In purpose, the game seeks to revive and improve the feel of classic space combat games. Deceptively simple in scope, Strike Suit Zero is a fun game to have on-hand for spontaneous play. At first glance, Strike Suit Zero is just a simple arcade, dogfighting space shooter. And while that sort of appraisal would certainly not be wrong, there is [...]

New Bound by Flame Screenshots Show off Possible Heroes

Bound by Flame from Spiders Studio is set for release on May 9th for the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. As we anxiously await this fantasy RPG with character choice, let’s let these new screenshots satiate our excitement. My excitement. Look, I’m really looking forward to Bound by Flame. How can you blame me when your decisions and actions affect the game’s story and even your character’s appearance? I can’t get enough of that. These screenshots showcase the many [...]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Not on Xbox One…Yet?

Are your spidey senses tingling at the thought of playing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on your shiny new Xbox One? I hope not, because you’re in for some mighty disappointing news. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be available April 29 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U, and 3DS…but not the Xbox One. The first hint that something was amiss was when Activision pulled the Xbox One box art from the game’s site. Since then, Activision has commented, “We are [...]

PAX East – Road Not Taken Hands-On Impressions

Walking up to Spry Fox’s Road Not Taken‘s booth instantly sets the tone for the game. Banners of the games subtle, chilling aesthetic hang above a demo table dressed with flowers. Road Not Taken is a beautiful puzzle, roguelike about building relationships and sacrifice. The demo starts with the mysterious hooded ranger being rowed into town. Upon arriving, a grieving mother pleads with the ranger to help find her child; that is the rangers task. Saving children from the grasp of the [...]

New Evolve Screenshots Showcase Impressive Beasts

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a hulking beast and bashing your friends’ virtual brains in, then you should be on the lookout for Evolve, the upcoming title from Turtle Rock Studios. The multiplayer shooter pits prey against predator, as players will choose a daring hunter or gruesome monster in a competitive 4v1 match. Six new screenshots of Turtle Rock’s title surfaced today, giving some insight into the evolving monsters and 4v1 game style. Most of the images showcase the awesome [...]

PAX East – JetGetters Hands-On Impressions

JetGetters, from tinyBuild, successfully mashes two utterly antithetical game concepts together. It takes the shenanigans of the grappling hook from Just Cause 2 and combines it with the intense dog fighting from the Battlefield series. The hook, however, is that JetGetters is not so much focused on the one-to-one simulation Battlefield attempts. In fact, tinyBuild has put an emphasis on ensuring the game felt great to play, which it undoubtedly does. The build I got hands on with was showcasing some of the core game-play mechanics. With hijacking being the [...]

PAX East – Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants DLC Hands-On Impressions

After I was introduced to Don’t Starve by PlayStation (the game is free for PS+ Members), I was instantly in love. Don’t Starve is challenging and addictive with a twisted sense of humor. Think Minecraft with a Tim Burton art style except where you’re constantly under threat of being killed. Besides the obvious danger of starving to death, Don’t Starve features enemies and environmental elements that persistently aim to kill you and it is up to the player to manage [...]

PAX East – Evolve Hands-On Impressions

Evolve is freakin’ awesome. Walking toward the Evolve booth and seeing the gaping jaws of the Goliath certainly sends a chill down your spine and sets the tone for the game you’re about to jump into. Evolve‘s gameplay is fast-paced, requires an enormous amount of strategy and/or teamwork, and is an exhilirating experience. Alex and I actually got to play the game hands-on and walked away with our jaws on the floor. Here’s a character breakdown below the jump.

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