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Half-Minute Hero 2 Trailer Teases Western Release

Half-Minute Hero fans, it’s hype time. A trailer teasing a possible localization for the second installment in the handheld franchise hit the interwebs this morning. The trailer showcases some of Half-Minute Hero‘s signature fast-paced gameplay and navigation of several multiplayer menus. All of it is in English, of course, so a localization date is imminent. Although there were no official announcements attached to the trailer, the caption promises “Announcements coming soon!” so stay tuned for updates.


A New PSP Game Releases This Week

So the PSP isn’t dead yet. This thing might live for a decade, who knows? Streetkix: Freestyle is releasing this week on the PSP and Vita alongside PS3 games Tiny Brains and Twisted Lands: Shadow Town and the PS4 port of Don’t Starve. They will appear on PSN on January 7th. Streetkix: Freestyle however looks to be the most interesting one by default as it is the first game to officially extend the PSP’s life into 2014. It also is [...]

The PSP Still Alive in 2014, New Game Teased by Gaijinworks

Gaijinworks helped bring Class of Heroes 2 this year to the PSP (Vita compatible) and it looks as if they will be teasing a new game from the PSP’s overlooked library. They tweeted that there will be a tease for their upcoming game in the premier issue of RETRO Mag. If you recall, Class of Heroes 2 is a PSP Dungeon-Crawling RPG from Acquire, and the game is confirmed not to be Class of Heroes 3 and hinted to be [...]

The Original Valhalla Knights is Now Free

I’ve been interested in Valhalla Knights for some time now.  As an action RPG that has been on consoles that I seldom played for their action RPGs however, I just haven’t taken the opportunity to pick the game up. Now I have no excuse. In preparation for the release of Valhalla Knights 3 on October 15th, Xseed Games has gone above and beyond in trying to get us all ready for the newest PS Vita title. They have dropped the [...]

Black Rock Shooter: The Game LTTP Review – Trent Reznor Senpai!

I’m an anime fan but even I’m not fully versed in the Vocaloid lore that spawned off into the action spin-off, Black-Rock Shooter. Chances are if you’re looking up this game, then you are a member of that same niche market and which case you’ll know already if you plan on purchasing the game. Still, for the rest of you I’ll be more than happy to explain the unique action styling of Black Rock Shooter: The Game.

New Digimon Trademark Suggests Digimon World Re:Digitize May Come West

Digimon World is a series that started on the Playstation back in 1999, that took place within the universe of the popular Digimon franchise. Last year the series was rebooted for the PSP with Digimon World Re:Digitize. The new game featuring artwork from one of my favorite artists, Suzuhito Yasuda (Yozakura Quartet, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor) was popular enough to get an upcoming, enhanced 3DS port titled Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode. Bit of a mouthful yeah? Namco Bandai has [...]

[Review] Ragnarok Tactics

Apollosoft is a company well versed in the tactical strategy RPG. Created from the fallout of Summon Night developer Flight-Plan, their pedigree with the isometric RPG has a solid foundation. Since many of Flight-Plan’s strategy RPG’s went unlocalized, this makes each new title from this crew a curiosity to be explored. This being Apollosoft’s first localized game and one of the last PSP RPGs released in the west, it needs to live up to the pressure. Thankfully for those that [...]

[News] Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Gets a Launch Trailer

With the July 31st launch date fast approaching, Atlus has put together a new trailer for their remake of Growlanser IV.  For those not familiar with the series, it is a long running Strategy RPG series from Atlus that has received only 2 releases in America.  Growlanser Generations was brought over by Working Designs and Growlanser: Heritage of War was eventually brought by Atlus. Unfortunately sales in America have been timid for the series which makes this one of the [...]

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