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Stanley Parable – Is it Racist?

I haven’t played the Stanley Parable, so I write this with a bit of trepidation. Recently, Galactic cafe, the developers of Stanley Parable, removed a training video called the Choice, because it was deemed offensive. The scene depicts what can be reductively described as a white man setting a black child ablaze. Let me repeat that for you, a white guy setting a black child ablaze. Funny, right? Well, at least I thought it was. I have a weird sense [...]


Minorities On Majorities – GTA V, Sexism, Racism, and the Controversy

Ever since GTA V released, there has been a weekly, if not daily, occurrence of people claiming to have found something new that offends them in the game. Other people jump on the hate bandwagon, and anybody who disagrees with them gets labeled as an evil person, apologist, or bigot. Then, on the other side of things, the Rockstar supporters  take up arms at the perceived lack of a sense of humor and put blinders on to ignore everything else and smother [...]

[Rant] The State of Minorities in Gaming

Since Black History Month is wrapping up I wanted to touch upon an issue that is relevant to it and me: the general state of minorities in gaming. Now before I get started, I want to clarify what I mean by the term “minorities.” Since the standard use of the word refers to all people of non-Caucasian origins, that will be the definition I’ll be referring to. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a list counting down my top minority characters [...]