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Everything I Disliked About GTA V! Gaming Happens #6

I enjoyed my time with GTA V, okay? Let’s not get our panties twisted. I liked it enough to analyze it repeatedly over various features and even defend it amidst its controversies. But here’s the latest Gaming Happens where I discuss everything I disliked about GTA V. It was a super slow news week (also known as a week where I care about none of the news) so I decided to take this episode to rant it up. I’ll see how this does today as opposed to [...]


My problem with the word “gamer.”

In which I probably offend some of you. I’m sorry if I do, but keep in mind that these are just opinions and I’m just a random person on the internet. My issues with being called a gamer stem from many planted roots. Like, the negative stigma that follows it. The stereotyping, too. Generally, how little I like to label myself or when others label themselves over something they simply happen to love. The article that sparked this debate with [...]

Letters to a Young Gamer: Bits of Advice for the Next Generation

I’ve been playing videogames for nearly two decades now, and I’ve learned a lot of things along the way, things I want to share with the next generation of gamers. My younger siblings don’t play videogames (unfortunately), but my cousins Megan (age 14) and Joey (age 11) do. It’s been such a joy watching them grow over the past few years into the gamers that they are today: Joey can outright kick my ass in pretty much any Call of [...]

[Rant] “Depression Quest Isn’t a Game”: A Shocking Tale of People Being Angry on the Internet

How much blood, sweat, and tears does it take to make a game? This is a question that can’t be answered; the only true answer being that it differs from team to team. But the follow-up question I ask has a definitive, simple answer. How much effort does it take to belittle or otherwise threaten the creators? Practically none. Yet for every two hard-fought steps forward this continually more complex and confusing industry takes, we take one step backwards and, [...]

[Rant] The State of Minorities in Gaming

Since Black History Month is wrapping up I wanted to touch upon an issue that is relevant to it and me: the general state of minorities in gaming. Now before I get started, I want to clarify what I mean by the term “minorities.” Since the standard use of the word refers to all people of non-Caucasian origins, that will be the definition I’ll be referring to. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a list counting down my top minority characters [...]

[Rant] Pyromania: The Right Way to do DLC

The Pyromania Update recently came to Team Fortress 2, the greatest hat-wearing, gun-slinging, childish-yet-mature first person shooter the world has ever seen. It’s been around for some time now, and whilst companies like EA and Activision are recycling the same old shit year after year, Valve instead builds on Team Fortress 2, fixing bugs and balancing the already gymnast-like metagame to create an incredibly fun multiplayer experience. This is one of the reasons it has kept a very strong player-base [...]

[Rant] Online Gaming Just Isn’t the Same

Raised with a Nintendo controller in my hands, most of my experiences with gaming included a friend or one of my family members sitting side-by-side with me on the living room floor in front of the television set. I remember my brother and I waking up before the sun rose and playing Super Mario Bros. and feeling like everything was right with the world. To be honest, I don’t think I could have been much happier. With the spiking popularity [...]

[Rant] Is the Monkey Paw Kickstarter worth it?

Yesterday Monkey Paw and Gaijnworks revealed their Kickstarter intentions.  They want $500,000 to fund a hard copy of the PSP JRPG, Class of Heroes 2. The game itself is already in translation with a plan to release digitally on PSN as a PSP and PS3 title.  This Kickstarter will not affect the planned distribution of the game on PSN, however it will benefit the localization of the title. That’s the project in a nutshell. Interest seems very mixed, even a [...]