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Twinfinite’s Holiday Gift Guide for the PC Elitist

Note from Editor Yami: Have a special someone that just scoffs at all the Next Gen talk? Are they already set for the next ten years, since two years ago? Have no fear, Twinfinite’s here with this Holiday Gift Guide section for the PC elitist in your life! Look, we all know the future belongs to the PC gamers, provided you have enough money to sink into a really awesome computer. With Steam offering more and more games with sales every month and a [...]

[RadioRant] No 360 Pad Support for PC Version of Mass Effect 3. Razer releases ME3 360 Controller. What?

  So according to an article on Eurogamer, Mass Effect 3 will not support Xbox 360 controllers on the PC. Even though it’s because the developers cannot spend extra development time implementing this feature, this is fine with me. I really enjoy playing PC games with a mouse and keyboard and I wasn’t planning on playing Mass Effect 3 on PC with an xbox controller. With that being said, Razer has announced a line of Mass Effect 3 themed products, [...]