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PAX East – Kero Blaster Hands-On Impressions

In the latest game from Pixel, the creator of Cave Story, players take command of an office worker frog as he hunts down mysterious creatures in the depths of a deadly cavern. All to stop them from taking down the phonelines of Cat & Frog, Inc.  That’s right, welcome to the world of Kero Blaster. Kero Blaster retains the same sort of side-scrolling shooting found in Cave Story, but the difference here is that the game is much smaller and more linear this time around.  Don’t [...]

Fatal Theory Review – Fistful of Pixels

When playing Fatal Theory, the thought that crosses your mind is: “This seems like something I could have made.” But let me be perfectly clear, that is not an insult in any way or form. In fact, it is a high praise. There is an admiration for someone who has such a passion for games that they took a risk and made one on their own. Fatal Theory‘s narrative and aesthetics aren’t cutting-edge purposefully so. They exist to deliver the fun [...]


Are You Tough Enough to Take on the Glorkian Warrior?

One of my favorite cartoonists of all time has to be James Kochalka, creator of American Elf and Superf*ckers. For some time now, Kochalka’s been working alongside the good folk at Pixeljam on  a new game tie-in for his newest comic.  The results are The Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork. The game is a Galaga style shmup available now on iOS featuring the titular Glork and 100% hand drawn visuals by Kochalka.  The game is pretty and fun and definitely worth checking out if you’ve got an [...]

Twitter Page for a New Gauntlet Surfaces. Needs Followers Badly.

Gauntlet has been both an arcade and multiplayer staple for the most grizzled gamers– whether you remember crowding around the old arcade machine or you played the equally awesome Gauntlet Legends on the N64.  Now a new Gauntlet game might just be in the works judging by a new Twitter account that just went up, probably run by Warner Bros. Interactive, the current holder of the classic Midway license. Expect an announcement soon, but if this means that same local multiplayer action that the other Gauntlet games [...]

Shovel Knight Recieves Slight Delay

Yacht Club Games announced yesterday on Kickstarter that the eagerly awaited Shovel Knight will be missing its March 31st release date.  The game has been delayed “by a few weeks” with no specific date in mind to allow for final polishing and touching up across all platforms. In the mean time, the developer is working on making sure the release goes smoothly and that the game releases with proper support on Steam.  While the ancient words of Miyamoto, “a delayed game is [...]

Return to the Days of the Cartridge with Inexistence

Ah, yes, the days of grabbing the game cartridge and blowing on the inside, shaking it back and forth, inserting it into the console extra slow, or with extra force; the retro era of games was a time of frustration, but also one of magic. Lucky for us, there are some developers ready to tap into that old magic. From out of the shadows, an unknown French developer by the name of Jonathan Brassaud brings us a Metroidvania-style action-adventure platformer [...]

NES Remix Review – feat. DJ DK Jr., MC Luigi, and Lil Kim

Nearly everyone, their mother, and probably their dog has played Super Mario Bros., but never like it is in NES Remix, a new and intriguing title for the Nintendo Wii U eShop that takes the core elements of many of their old games from the Nintendo Entertainment System (called Famicom in Japan), and repackages them with all sorts of challenges. Now the question at hand: is this just a cheap exploitation of Nintendo nostalgia and already well-known games or is [...]

DS Games Are Joining the Wii U Virtual Console?

Out of all of the strange and exciting news coming out of Nintendo last night, one of the tidbits that had people talking the most was a bizarre announcement made by Nintendo. Apparently, the hurdles keeping DS software from running on a Wii U had finally been overcome allowing for emulatio of DS games on the system and gamepad. That was… unexpected. What this means is that Nintendo has plans to add DS games to the Virtual Console library soon, [...]

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