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Meridian: New World Preview – Bored Already

I haven’t really played an RTS in quite some time, so getting a chance to look at a new up-and-comer was a pleasing prospect. Having loved Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Warcraft, and others like the oldie Ground Control I was excited to look at this game developed by a single person over the course of years. The subsequent disappointment was pretty crushing.

Deus Ex: The Fall Review – Rock Me, Panama Deus

Let’s get this right out of the way: Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of my absolute favorite games of 2011 and of the last gaming generation; a triumphant return to form for this futuristic FPS/RPG/Stealth hybrid that somehow managed to be as fun as it was versatile. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who loved it; it was a solid hit. It’s only natural considering how successful it was that some kind of follow-up would be released. What we [...]


Watch Age of Wonders III for 19 Minutes

A new gameplay trailer was released for Age of Wonders III showcasing the Theocrat Leader class. This new class includes units like the Martyr (damage absorbers), Evangelist (buffers),  and Exalted (flying infantry). Each bring their own abilities into the mix to help change the tides of a battle. The Theocrat class can be chosen with any of the six races and has the ability to be augmented for more magical skills. But I’m sure you’ll get a ton of this [...]

New Etherium Screenshots Revealed, Control the Weather!

In Etherium, Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive’s upcoming RTS for the PC, you play one of three factions (each with their own abilities, weaknesses, tech to research, and special skills) to overcome your enemies on 7 planets. It takes on a non-linear approach to its single player campaign as you decide where to take over next, while also having an online multiplayer aspect. The majority of Etherium sounds like a standard RTS, except for one thing: you can control [...]


Ground Pounders Review – Believe In The Heart Of The Cards

Do you like tabletop war gaming? Do you like turn based RTSs? Can you eek excitement from the rolling of virtual dice and the running of odds on a table being the deciding factor of your battles against an alien horde? Can positively glacial gameplay pacing, in place of boring you to tears, instead be converted into ever-increasing feelings of tension and anticipation? If those apply to you, as they do for myself, then Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders is something [...]

Hegemony Rome: Rise of Caesar Preview

I have to say, I was expecting the worst when sitting down to this game. Not only were my haunches raised because this was an Early Access version that charges you thirty dollars for the privilege of playing, I was about to play an RTS that charts the expansion of the Roman Empire. Got the t-shirt doesn’t even start to cover it. However, despite tempting comparisons to titles like Total War, amongst many others, Hegemony Rome stands as a unique [...]

Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past Review – Dragons, Death, and Destinies

A brief disclaimer before I jump into the heart of this one is in order. When I took on this review, I was told that playing prior Spellforce games wasn’t a requirement – which is good, since I had no prior experience with the games. While technically true, I think a little bit of history with the franchise would have gone a long way in helping me puzzle out what was going on, but I pressed on regardless and took a [...]

Brand new updates and DLC for both Company of Heroes games

Developer Relic Entertainment and publisher Sega are making sure to take good care of their golden goose: critically acclaimed WWII strategy series Company of Heroes. In most cases, the sad truth would be that only the latest in the series would be supported into the future, but today Relic are rolling out some updates for both games, as well as a paid add-on for the second title. Players still enjoying the first game in the series (like myself) will be receiving [...]

Super Roman Conquest Nears Goal And End Of Kickstarter

Super Roman Conquest is a 2D RTS game that is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. It currently has only four days left to raise just under $5,000. One of the hooks of the game is that the world is 3D with multiple lanes to send your troops down. Currently all the graphics are retro styled place holders, but it’s enough to get an impression of what they are trying to do.


Company of Heroes 2 ‘More Than Tanks’ Trailer Released

Sometimes it’s just not enough to say ‘Tanks’… Hands-down, one of my most anticipated titles of 2013 is Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes 2. It is the follow up to their 2006 original, which is widely considered to be one of the absolute best Real Time Strategy games ever made. The original’s mix of World War II battles and scenarios with classic RTS resource management is not only thrilling, but also incredibly accessible to newcomers, and so far the sequel [...]

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