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RTX – An Interview with The Behemoth’s Ian Moreno

The Behemoth is gearing up for SDCC this weekend and now is as good of a chance as any to put up our talk with Ian Moreno, a publisher for the company. Ian and his compadres came to RTX to represent The Behemoth’s newest game for the first time since it had gone up on Xbox Live, and it was interesting to get some post release commentary about the game. Read on as we discuss Battleblock Theater, vindication and Pink [...]


RTX – An Interview With Nekro’s Lead Programmer Scott Thunelius

Nekro is a hack and slash that places you in the role of the bad guy. You raise the undead and go about causing many happy heroes to have unhappy days. It was on display at RTX and was a bit out of place with the numerous games focused on competition. That’s partly why I had to run over and check it out. I’ve always loved games that look at how the other half lives. The games where bad guys [...]


RTX – An Interview With Divekick’s Adam Heart

One of the games I had to get my hands on at RTX was Divekick. Sure there were bigger names at the show, but none quite as interesting as this one. How many games out there are made today off of two buttons? Not many. This simple idea seemed brilliant to me, and when I asked Adam Heart (known to many amongst the fighting game community as “Keits”) about why he approached this simplicity, he brushed me off sternly. He [...]


RTX – An Interview With Osiris Studios’ David Gates

While at RTX, I had the opportunity to speak to David Gates of Osiris Studios about the online multiplayer first person shooter/real time strategy game Mist of Stagnation. From what I was able to play of Mist of Stagnation, the game seems to offer a slight twist on the team vs team mechanic by combining a tier based command structure while controlling multiple command points in a steam punk setting. It was a bit rough around the edges, but the [...]


RTX – Richard Garriott Convinced Me To Care About Shroud of the Avatar

I understand the appeal of online RPGs. I bought one a long time ago, and I instantly understood every positive and negative moment I could find in an hour or two. Then, I put it away, never wanting an online RPG again. The reason is because picking any online RPG is a commitment. You don’t play these games. You live them. I just don’t have that kind of commitment to any one game. In effect, I tend to ignore much [...]