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Saints Row IV Review – This Is How We Do It

What’s in a game? Wonder, imagination, and a whole new world. That’s right, Aladdin was talking about showing Jasmine his gaming collection. Ultimately what we find in video games are worlds where we can be something that we’re not. Now imagine that a game takes that very concept and makes a meta world where someone that you’re not is someone that they’re not. Am I getting too deep for a review of Saints Row IV? Whatever, it’s great. I find [...]


Get Sworn Into Office With The Saints Row IV: Inauguration Station

Want to get a head start on your Saints Row: IV presidential campaign? The Inauguration Station that launched today will let you do just that. The standalone client gives you access to Saints Row IV‘s character creator where you can fully create your Commander-in-Chief. The character you create in the station will be able to be uploaded to Saints Row: IV, when it comes out. The Inauguration Station is currently available on Steam and the Xbox 360 and will be [...]


Elder Scrolls, Deep Silver, Beer Fish, And More! Gaming Happens #1

Gaming Happens is a way for me to tell you my opinions on the gaming news I care about each week. This time I tackle The Elder Scrolls Anthology, Deep Silver Bundle, Phil Fish plus Marcus Beer otp, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, and a bunch more in less than seven minutes. Check it out and join the discussion! What do you think of Beer Fish? Does it taste any good? As always, like, comment and subscribe if you love the [...]

Deep Silver’s Humble Bundle is live!

Saints Row IV is just around the corner, so there’s no better time than now to set the stage by catching up on the last two entries of the series in the current Humble Bundle. As well as the two pimp-walking, OTT sandbox shooters you can also be picking up Risen 2 and Sacred 2 for the lowest tier price of $1. Stretching your budget a little and breaking the average donation will nab you the ‘Ultimate’ edition of Saints [...]

Saints Row IV – Hands-on Preview

To save any embarrassment, later on I’ll tell you straight off the bat; I have never played a Saints Row game before. In fact, I barely knew what it was, other than a GTA with pimp outfits and a weaponized sex toy that one-upped San Andreas’. Sounds… original, but not quite enough to sway me into a purchase. However, at a first-look event a few months ago, I was shown a glimpse of Steelport and told three things: aliens have [...]


Saints Row IV E3 Trailer Released

Deep Silver recently released the Saints Row IV E3 trailer, called ‘War on Humanity’ which is sure to stir excitement in any fan of the series. The trailer emphasizes that this will be “The Most Dramatic Saints Row Game Ever” and depicts a team of Saints fighting alongside the president of the United States in a virtual world. Humanity is facing some unknown threat that must be vanquished, and the president inexplicably strips in order to face it. The entire [...]


Saints Row IV Turns Political Power Into Super Power in New Trailer

As far as over the top games are considered, the Saints Row series continues to not only set the bar, but break it over the closest living things head in spectacular style. The franchise can basically do what ever it wants and this trailer titled Meet the President delivers this message quite clearly. The gameplay looks like that of Crackdown infused with a WWE flavor and, of course, Saints Row’s patented humor. It seems to be coming along nicely and is set for [...]

[PAX] Preview: Saints Row IV – Obama with a Dubstep Gun

Saints Row is built on crazy, over the top, high octane goodness. With Saints Row: The Third the over-the-top aspect of this sandbox game was brought to full throttle, and one of the worries I personally had was wondering how they would outdo themselves. Well, let’s just say they figured it out with Saints Row IV.

[Featurama] Celebrate the Ridiculousness of Games

This week Ridiculous Fishing released on iOS capable devices, and we’ll have a review for it shortly. Word around the water cooler is that it is something else. Right now though, I want to discuss with you the ridiculousness of video games. They are at times absolutely absurd and I don’t think we’re going to start moving away from that.

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