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“Because She Isn’t”: A Modest Proposal For The Legend Of Zelda

I’m going to tell you an incredibly embarrassing story about myself with absolutely no shame; as a child, I thought Zelda was the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda. Yes, the old joke about someone being shocked that Zelda was not the green-cloaked, blonde-haired male hero of the series and being fooled by the title, a joke so old it has managed to land on those shitty nerdbait t-shirts that get flung about the Internet, is absolutely true for me. Laugh, [...]

Microsoft Embraces Sexist Cliches for Xbox One Marketing

In one of the dumbest marketing ploys I’ve seen in a while, Microsoft has opted for embracing the tired cliche that girls don’t play video games, and we gamer-men would need their permission to purchase a new Xbox One by convincing them that it won’t eat too much into their knitting time. No, really, it specifically calls out knitting, with a few other options available to make it more “humorous”, but knitting is the default: Because, hey, girls do love [...]


Minorities On Majorities – GTA V, Sexism, Racism, and the Controversy

Ever since GTA V released, there has been a weekly, if not daily, occurrence of people claiming to have found something new that offends them in the game. Other people jump on the hate bandwagon, and anybody who disagrees with them gets labeled as an evil person, apologist, or bigot. Then, on the other side of things, the Rockstar supporters  take up arms at the perceived lack of a sense of humor and put blinders on to ignore everything else and smother [...]

[Featurama] Objectify Twinfinite: Beefcake Edition

Some of you may have seen this Men In the Games Industry Tumblr, whose objective is to turn the tables on the pervasive sexism and general creepiness women face every day by making men the object of the camera’s gaze. I jumped onto Windows Movie Maker and decided that it was time for Twinfinite to weigh in on this. Now, it goes without saying that this is a complex and serious issue that requires hard examination into the ways men [...]

[Rant] Put Your Name On It

In 2012, there have been what seems like a never-ending stream of stories making the rounds about issues of sexism, racism, homophobia, and general dickish behavior in the games industry. Remember these gems? Female participant in a fighting game tournament is sexually harassed by a male counterpart. She later backs off saying it was no big deal when the fighting game community rallies around him. Media Critic Anita Sarkeesian uses Kickstarter for a media project about representation of women in [...]