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Insurgency Review – Surprising Uprising

One staple of modern PC gaming is the competitive multiplayer first-person-shooter. What makes it so great is that there’s something for just about anybody out there; hardcore twitch fans, realism enthusiasts, class-based hat-lovers…just about any preference or skill level can be accounted for somewhere. One consequence of this is that it can be hard for new games to find a place in this already crowded marketplace. New World Interactive has stepped up, however, with its new multiplayer shooter, Insurgency, and [...]

Source as Makerspace – The Incredible Legacy of Half-Life 2

“The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band.” — Brian Eno This summer, the library system I work for had begun construction on a ‘Makerspace’ for members of the public to come in and use the various tools it has. This facility, a repurposed section of the Downtown Branch, includes such goodies as a 3D printer, sound and video recording tools, a gaming space, and computers for working on projects (including [...]

Late to the Party Review: Void

Void is a first person puzzle platformer game created by 6 DigiPen students as a part of their degree requirements. We’ve been seeing more and more unique games with imaginative gameplay mechanics coming from this college for a little while now and Void seems to be another great example of what people can do given reliable tools and an emphasis on original concepts.

[News] First Batch of Steam Greenlight Titles Announced

Today Steam has announced its first 10 titles that have been chosen by its community to be picked up by the digital distribution platform. They are: Black Mesa Cry of Fear Dream Heroes & Generals Kenshi McPixel No More Room in Hell Project Zomboid Routine Towns As one would expect, there are a few Source Engine mods featured (Black Mesa, No More Room in Hell). There is a surprising variety of game types in this list however, such as god-game (Towns [...]